Wednesday 28 November 2012


Punch (sometimes written as PUNCH) are a hardcore band from San Francisco, California that formed in 2007. The name practically sums up all there is needed to know. Pissed off, pulverising, and fucking passionate, both in what they say and how they play, without being preachy, corny, or taking themselves too seriously. Just amazing hardcore with elements of thrash and powerviolence. The vocals are high-pitched assaults (they are female-fronted) with lyrics touching upon topics such as feminism, veganism, straight edge, as well as personal subjects, among others. This band is blisteringly convulsive, and it's awesome. They are easily one of my favourite hardcore bands around now, and I'm sure quite a few people share in that sentiment. They've put out a demo, 2 EP's, 2 LP's, and a split (with Loma Prieta, who they share members with). They've appeared on a few compilations, but those songs are all also present on one of their records. Enjoy.

Demo 2007 (2007)
1. Semantically Challenged
2. No Such Thing As A Stupid Question
3. Break A Leg
4. Thank You, Come Again
5. Ol' Factory

1. Thank You, Come Again
2. Nothing Left
3. Waste Land
4. Convenience Store
5. Semantically Challenged
6. No Such Thing As A Stupid Question
7. Words

1. Don't Start
2. Fuming
3. Get Back
4. Ol' Factory
5. Right Of Way
6. If Not Me
7. Been Here Before
8. We're Not In This Together
9. The Bad Times
10. Make The Good Times That Much Better
11. If You Can't Now, You Never Could
12. Break A Leg
13. Rewrite
14. Mending Is Better Than Ending
15. Not So Posi After All
16. Feminists, Don't Have A Cow

1. Stay Afloat
2. Second Chance
3. No Remorse
4. Give It A Name
5. White Noise
6. Fixation
7. Realist
8. Sour Grapes
9. Two Feet On The Ground
10. Microcausm
11. Let Me Forget
12. Don't Need You
13. Positively God Free

1. Punch - Worn Path (Loma Prieta cover)
2. Loma Prieta - Don't Start (Punch cover)

1. Do It Yourself
2. Done
3. Time Apart
4. Planning Is Easy
5. Four Letters
6. The Chase
7. How Nothing Lasts

1. Worth More Than Your Opinion
2. Making Room
3. Not Sorry
4. Waiting Game
5. Displacement
6. Unconditional
7. They Don't Have To Believe...
8. Personal Space
9. Denial
10. Shame
11. Promises Kept
12. Missing Piece
13. What's In A Name
14. Anxiety
15. Self Help


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