Friday 21 June 2024

Edith Pike

Edith Pike were a three-piece screamo band from Denver, Colorado that formed in 2022 and disbanded in 2024. In typical fashion, their output is inredibly limited, though showed a surprisiing amount of progression spread across their three releases. Throughout, they do all manage to keep things interesting by integrating a variety of sound, that extends from crushing hardcore influence to delicate arpeggios, all with tortured vocals that use the full range of the gas pedal. I'm trying to catch up on a lot of great modern acts that I've missed in the past few years, and Edith Pike is undoubtedly one of them, so enjoy.

1. tunnel twenty-nine
2. ...then it all came down
3. rushing into a burning home
4. kiss me here beautiful for these are truly our last days

1. bigger than a great lake
2. how to play bad golf
3. one
4. a childish crush can destroy your marriage
5. 101 ranch wild west show
6. two

1. herlovebeheadsdaisies - It's Like Holding A Ghost's Hand
2. edith pike - all that's left of you (swan song)


  1. Make your Ex love you again........................

    Revive broken relationship.

    Highly recommend!!

    Dr_mack (@yAH o O. Com)

    1. yeah thats pretty much what i was going for when i wrote the first ep