Thursday 30 November 2023


Jivebomb are a five-piece hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2021. They put out a demo that same year, which was followed by their debut EP in 2022 via Flatspot Records. Jiveomb continue Flatspot's unparalled run of hardcore releases in recent years,  coming out the gate with their sample-laden demo. Their sound is fast and ferocious, with bursts of noise occassionally coming through their raw, power chord heavy attack. It's hardcore in its purest form, that scratches the same itch that something like Negative Approach does. Highly recommended, enjoy!

1. Cereja
2. Ironclad
3. Wise Choice
4. Cidade Charme
5. Burning Question
6. Jivebomb

1. 86
2. Primitive Desires
3. Steel
4. Illusion Of Choice
5. Ditz

6. Jivebomb - American Rule

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