Sunday 20 August 2023

Silver Scooter

Silver Scooter were an emo/indie band from Austin, Texas that formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2001. For most of their duration they were active a three-piece, but added a second guitarist before their final album. They released three full-lengths, a few EP's, and two splits, one of which was with Cursive. This band brought a strong sense of pop sensibility to the their midwest emo-influenced sound, with clean, melancholic guitars, winding bass lines and loud/quiet dynamics. That vocals especially were very poppy with sticky sweet melodies. Songs like "Pumpkin Eyes" could have even been alt rock radio hits if given a bit more exposure. If you're looking for a place to start with this band, their earlier material leans a little more raw, which includes The Other Palm Springs and the Cursive split, my personal favourite releases by them. By the time you get The Blue Law, they had gravitated away from the distorted emo and leaned into a clean, reverby sound, with acoustic guitars and synths being incorporated in a borderline dream pop soundscape. Enjoy.

1. Cup And String
2. Whatever Happened To Me

1. Biting My Nails
2. Come Around
3. Returning

1. Ball Of Yarn
2. Long Fence
3. Allergic To Love (Eric's Trip cover)

1. Tractor Pull
2. Regret Sets In
3. Good Man Down
4. Riverbed
5. Catching Fish
6. Pumpkin Eyes
7. Beating
8. Long Fence
9. Clarkston, WA
10. Solid Glass
11. 10 PM On Saturday Night
12. Pretty When We Land
13. Brain & Heart
14. Intruder Inside

1. Tribute To The Phone Calls
2. In Between Days (The Cure cover)

1. Silver Scooter - Sunlight
2. Silver Scooter - Bob's BBQ
3. Silver Scooter - D.
4. Silver Scooter - Holding The Flare
5. Cursive - Returns And Exchange
6. Cursive - Pulse
7. Cursive - Tides Rush In

1. Tiara - Swingset
2. Silver Scooter - Morning View

1. Tribute To The Phone Calls
2. Sleight Of Hand
3. Should've Stayed
4. Cancer & Wide-Eyed Looks
5. New Orleans
6. Deliver Me Driver
7. So Long
8. If Nonsense Only Knew
9. Sand Dollar Relief
10. Dinosaurs
11. Cup & String
12. Morning View

1. Goodbye
2. Amateur Actors
3. It's Not Real
4. Run (New Order cover)

1. Goodbye
2. Blue Law
3. Albert Hall
4. The Long Way
5. Black Stars
6. Dirty Little Bar
7. Terrorism Lover
8. The Lonely Singer
9. Remembering
10. On The Mark
11. Voice Of Authority
12. Crash


  1. Awesome post! All the links work except the Cursive Split. I'd "heard of" Silver Scooter but not actually heard them, so thanks for that. I'd be interested in hearing more of the Tiara band from the split.
    Thanks again for your blog!