Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love Lost But Not Forgotten

"Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders". Sadly, that's not the case for some. V-Day, 2016. Are the reeeeegrets still killing you? Did you think it was just never meant? Or was it destined to happen as sure as the summer ends? Another year lost, and we are now on our fourth installment of Sophie's sad jamz day. This year is a little on the angrier side, though just as good to air grievances to.

Love Lost But Not Forgotten were a screamo/emo violence band from St. Peter's, Missouri. They formed in 1997 but broke up in 2002, because nothing good lasts and everything ends, so what's the point of even starting?? Funnily enough, they were signed to a small label called Happy Couples Never Last, which is fitting for the season. If Love Lost But Not Forgotten was anything, it was intense. They emerged with a really dark, chaotic, almost violent sound that reflected the gruelling pain expressed in the lyrics. They hit hard, and fans of bands like Tristan Tzara, Usurp Synapse, and Joshua Fit For Battle would definitely take interest. They started out with a pg.99-esque line-up featuring three guitarists and two vocalists, though by their final album they had narrowed it down to two guitarists and one vocalist. Regardless of the line-up, they always displayed some impressive musicianship along with the painstaking passion they perfect. I hope you enjoy this band, and hope you can make it through another lonely day spent trying to forget how she loved the train but hated the station. Hopefully things will be better by next year, and enjoy.

1. Swallowed
2. Unfound
3. Drown
4. Cutting Away The Flesh

1. Joshua Fit For Battle - Song One
2. Love Lost But Not Forgotten - Drowned
3. Love Lost But Not Forgotten - Unfound
4. Joshua Fit For Battle - Song Three

5. Metaphors of A Bleeding Heart

1. Intro
2. Means To No End
3. Loathing
4. Save Me From The Outside World
5. Believe
6. Supine
7. Push Past
8. Cutting Away
9. Drown
10. Unfound
11. Swallow
12. Outro

1. It Never Happened
2. Calm And Secure
3. Happy To Be Alive

1. Intro
2. Typical Fashion
3. Perfectly Fucked
4. Headless, Sleeping Soundly
5. What's Left Of "Shitlife"
6. Happy To Be Alive
7. It Never Happened
8. Calm And Secure
9. Nobody's Watching Department 2