Friday, 18 June 2021

By Surprise

By Surprise are a four-piece emo/indie band from Haddon Heights, New Jersey that began in 2006. They are one of many bands I always figured I had posted early on, but have since discovered to be missing completely. They were one of the best of the early "revival" bands, which culminated in a fantastic LP put out in 2011 on Topshelf. Though their first album and their early work got tons of love, I'll admit I kind of lost track of them after that. Turns out they put out another album two years ago, along with a handful of other releases which I'm looking forward to finally checking out. But to start, I cannot recommend Mountain Smashers enough, that is quintessential listening for fans of emo of that era. Also, if anyone happens to have more of their earliest material please send it to me. I know I'm missing some stuff but cannot track any of it down, would be great to share it as well. Thank you, and enjoy!

1. Ode To Pollard
2. I Liked You Better
3. Terra Cotta Army
4. Circuit Breaker (Blow Minds)

1. Hightide Hotel - Shuttle
2. Hightide Hotel - Elementary Biology
3. Hightide Hotel - Apartment Buildings
4. By Surprise - Invisible Ink
5. By Surprise - CB Radio
6. By Surprise - I Miss You etc.

1. Books By Thoreau
2. Realometer
3. Mostly Harmless
4. Last Chance To See
5. Photoshoot
6. Fountain Splashers
7. $600 Exorcism
8. So Long And Thanks For All The Shark Jaws
9. Daggermouth Is Playing At My House
10. Hanging Out With Wendy In Sulkiland
11. Direct Loans

1. Criteria
2. Wear That Crown
3. Way To Be Tall

1. Battle of Snowmeng Mountain Pt. 2
2. Always Ruining Everything
3. Who's To Say This Year Will Be Any Different?
4. Shovel
5. Worst Christmas Ever
6. Snow Angel
7. No Mistletoe

1. Broadcaster - Bottle Rockets
2. Broadcaster - Hornet's Nest
3. By Surprise - Photosludge
4. By Surprise -Point Set Match
 5. By Surprise - Postmodern Laziness 
6. By Surprise - Photonova

1. Aspiga - Fading Into Summer
2. Aspiga - Eucalyptus Nights
3. By Surprise - Teton Range
4. By Surprise - Amateur Status

1. Ribald
2. Be Composed
3. Honeydew List
4. Pretend
5. Low Hanging Wire
6. Basement
7. Be Minor
8. Summer Is Now
9. Marry Me
10. Anarchyville
11. I Can See The Sun
12. Be Alright
13. Your Time Will Come

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