Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Home Is Where

Home Is Where are a four piece emo/indie band from Palm Coast, Florida that have been around since 2017. Above all, they a testimony to emo's constant relentless revitalization. This band takes its cues from early midwest/revival and skramz bands (with some notable The Brave Little Abacus influence) and blends it seamlessly with elements of folk (harmonica included). Their energy is fantastic, songwriting is top notch, and they bring a newness to a nostalgic familiarity that reminds you why you got into this genre in the first place. Thanks to Nick for introducing me to these guys, and enjoy.

1. alabama / henry

1. alabama
2. venison
3. alsace-lorraine
4. dob bylan
5. cicada summer (we were on the roof when the ufo's came)

1. the scientific classification of stringrays

1. L Ron Hubbard Was Way Cool
2. Long Distance Conjoined Twins
3. Sewn Together from the Membrane of the Great Sea Cucumber
4. The Scientific Classification of Stingrays
5. Assisted Harakiri
6. The Old Country

1. Home Is Where - names
2. Home Is Where - creationish (feat. Pierce Jordan)
3. Record Setter - a world without you
4. Record Setter - plain english


  1. hey this is brandon from the band thank you for adding us. this blog helped me discover so many amazing bands and we're honored to be part of this amazing blog. bless

    1. Just discovered you here, but really digging the songs so far!

    2. Just want to say that your music has gotten me back into the genre. I swear to God if you ever make a vinyl i'll buy it asap.