Thursday, 23 May 2019

Coma Regalia - Vau Faelgoh REVIEW

The hardest working band in screamo business are back, with this marking their fifth full-length album, alongside nearly 30 splits in their 9 years of existence. Of course it is none other than Coma Regalia, who are releasing Vau Faelgoh on May 25th, via Middle-Man Records. They have been an absolute staple in modern screamo history, thanks to their relentlessly prolific release schedule, and close association with countless notable bands via splits/touring, as well as drummer/vocalist Shawn Decker's involvement in the equally-essential Middle-Man Records. They've made a name for themselves through their visceral and volatile playing, and heavy influence from a myriad of classic screamo acts, including Funeral Diner, Beau Navire and The Saddest Landscape.

Vau Faelgoh reaffirms their already-cemented legacy as masters of their art. In these 11 tracks, the band drips with chaotic fervor, towing the line between hardcore aggression and melodic release. They utilize quick, dynamic changes to great effect, making these mostly 2-minute tracks sound like opuses. The desperate vocal delivery and cutting lead guitar lines recall the best tracks in The Saddest Landscape's catalogue, with songs like "Eaufell" being prime examples of this. The following track, "Aestheroh", features a pg.99-like build-up, which is just one of many homages to the sound they are torchbearers of.

"Kistleden" and "Tielasten" are standout tracks for their melodic, heartbreaking arpeggios, as well as some clean/screamed vocal layering on the former. Album closer "Daemeron" is everything I wanted out of this record and more. With vocals at the start sounding like a desperate rallying cry, and a gradual build-up amidst tremolo-picked octave chords, and those clean vocal harmonies looming in the background. It probably currently stands as my personal favourite track on the album (with some stiff competition, mind you), and ends this new record on a high note.

Coma Regalia are a must-listen in the modern screamo-sphere. Not only are they one of the most prolific acts to come out this decade, but one of the greatest at keeping this sound alive. Vau Faelgoh is a fantastic introduction if you have not heard them before (which, let's face it, you've definitely heard of this band through at least one of their splits already). The album is out on May 25th via Middle-Man Records. More information can be found below on release day.

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