Sunday 31 March 2019

For Your Health

For Your Health are a four-piece screamo/hardcore band from Columbus, Ohio that began in 2018 and includes members of Arrows In Her. They blend the visceral shrieks and spasms of screamo with the noise and dissonance of bands like Some Girls and Blood Brothers, making for one hell of a destructive release. The chaos is really only broken up by a healthy use of film samples, as well as hints of unique, melodic sounds, particularly on standouts like "hell. maybe further" and "second aid kit". Not much else to say, this release absolutely rips, and is one of the most unique new bands to pop up this year. Enjoy.

1. my bedroom has been crushed by a fallen plane engine
2. birds ate my face
4. hell. maybe further.
5. haiku in blue
6. second aid kit
7. exit flesh

1. For Your Health - charlie brown’s gotta be damn near public domain by now
2. For Your Health - keres
3. For Your Health - come in, i've hanged myself!
4. For Your Health - hey did you know that the drummer from saetia was in interpol?
5. For Your Health - enter flesh
6. Shin Guard - Grief Instilled
7. Shin Guard - Both Stricken
8. Shin Guard - Perfect Boy
9. Shin Guard - Apropos Mortality

1. Birthday Candles In The Effigy
2. I Slept With Wes Eisold And All I Got Was An Out Of Court Settlement
3. Push The Fucking Rock, Sisy
4. Abscess Makes The Heart Grow
5. The Day Of Black Sun
6. Save Your Breath, You're Gonna Need It To Blow My Head Off
7. If Anybody Asks, We're Already Fucked
8. You're So United Ninety-Three, We're So Flight One Eighty
9. Like A Thirteenth Floor Elevator
10. Everyday At 13:12
11. Thank You For The Venmo
12. This City Will Crumble And Many People Will Die

1. awakebutstillinbed - fear
2. awakebutstillinbed - ride
3. For Your Health - Disarmament
4. For Your Health - A Word Of Warning For The Pyrrh Of Heart


  1. Blood Bros / Some Girls? alright you got me, I'll check it

  2. They sound like early mewithoutyou
    "blood enough for us"

  3. The link is down

  4. Hayden is problematic as hell