Friday 18 May 2018

No Right

No Right are a four-piece hardcore band from San Fransisco, California that have been around since 2016. They're a straight edge band that play a ferocious style of hardcore with a slight metalcore influence. They incorporate down-tuned, chugging riffs with shots of dissonance and complex rhythms into their mosh-friendly aggression machine. The vocals are throat-shredding and vicious, while keeping the lyrics discernible. Their debut EP Unjustified dropped early this year, and they absolutely kill it from start to finish. Definitely be on the look out for this band. Enjoy.

1. No Right

1. unjustified
2. symbolic annihilation
3. spitting image
4. no right
5. (un)conditional
6. proof

1. Deliverance
2. Inglorious Facade
3. Sour
4. Senescence

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