Tuesday 25 February 2014

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years are a six-piece pop punk band from Lansdale, PA, formed in 2005. In my opinion, they're the most essential pop punk band from the 2000s. Not only are they catchy and fun as fuck on recordings and in concert, but their lyrics are so personal and powerful that it's tear-jerking on occasion. Even if you don't really care for pop punk, you've got to give these guys a try, they're too good to pass up.

  • I am uploading the remastered version of Get Stoked On It! 
  • Rather than uploading the plethora of EPs and splits these guys have done, I'm just going to upload their compilation album Sleeping On Trash, which has all of their recordings from 2005 to 2010 (except for GSOI!)

1. Keystone State Dude-Core
2. Bout To Get Fruit Punched, Homie
3. Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy For Second Place
4. Let's Moshercise!!!
5. What If We [Swam] Into Nothing
6. Racing Trains
7. Zombies Are The New Black
8. We Were Giants
9. My Geraldine Lies Over The Delaware
10. Dude, What Is A Land Pirate
11. I Fell In Love With A Ninja Master
12. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

1. My Last Semester
2. Logan Circle
3. Everything I Own Fits In This Backpack
4. Dynamite Shovel
5. New Years With Carl Weathers
6. It's Never Sunny In South Philadelphia
7. Hostels & Brothels
8. Melrose Diner
9. This Party Sucks
10. Hey Thanks
11. Washington Square Park
12. All My Friends Are In Bar Bands

1. Came Out Swinging
2. Woke Up Older
3. Local Man Ruins Everything
4. Suburbia
5. My Life As A Pigeon
6. Summers In PA
7. I Won't Say The Lord's Prayer
8. Coffee Eyes
9. I've Given You All
10. Don't Let Me Cave In
11. You Made Me Want To Be A Saint
12. Hoodie Weather
13. And Now I'm Nothing

Bonus Tracks (2012)
1. My Life As Rob Gordon
2. Me Vs The Highway
3. Living Room Song
4. Don't Let Me Cave In (Nervous Energies Session)
5. Woke Up Older (Acoustic)
6. Local Man Ruins Everything (Acoustic)
7. Came Out Swinging (Demo)
8. Don't Let Me Cave In (Demo)
9. Coffee Eyes (Live Demo)
10. Woke Up Older (Live Demo)
11. It's Murder-Suicide (Nu-Metal Jam)

1. The Wonder Years - Me Vs. The Highway
2. Stay Ahead Of The Weather - No Money, Mo Problems

1. The Wonder Years - Anchor
2. Polar Bear Club - Skipping Stone
3. Transit - Resent And Resistance
4. The Story So Far - Wrightsville Beach
5. A Loss For Words - Quicksand
6. Into It. Over It. - Don’t Let Me Cave In

1. Mike Kennedy Is A Bad Friend
2. Solo & Chewy: Holdin' It Down
3. Won't Be Pathetic Forever
4. You're Not Salinger. Get Over It.
5. An Elegy For Baby Blue
6. Don't Open The Fridge!
7. Christmas At 22
8. Leavenhouse. 11:30.
9. My Geraldine Lies Over The Delaware
10. I Ain't Saying He A Gold Digga (Sike!)
11. Let's Moshercise!!!
12. Through Two Hearts
13. Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems (Originally By Kid Dynamite)
14. Zip Lock (Originally By Lit)
15. Hey Julie (Originally By Fountains Of Wayne)
16. Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy For Second Place
17. Cowboy Killers
18. I Fell In Love With A Ninja Master

1. I Was Scared And I'm Sorry
2. Dynamite Shovel (Campfire Version)
3. Logan Circle: A New Hope
4. We Won't Bury You

1. There, There
2. Passing Through A Screen Door
3. We Could Die Like This
4. Dismantling Summer
5. The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves
6. The Devil In My Bloodstream
7. Teenage Parents
8. Chaser
9. An American Religion (FSF)
10. A Raindance In Traffic
11. Madelyn
12. Cul-De-Sac
13. I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral

No Closer To Heaven (2015)
1. Brothers &
2. Cardinals
3. A Song For Patsy Cline
4. I Don't Like Who I Was Then
5. Cigarettes & Saints
6. The Bluest Things On Earth
7. A Song For Ernest Hemingway
8. Thanks for the Ride
9. Stained Glass Ceilings (feat. Jason Aalon Butler)
10. I Wanted So Badly To Be Brave
11. You in January
12. Palm Reader
13. No Closer To Heaven

1. A Song For Ernest Hemingway
2. There There
3. Coffee Eyes
4. Cardinal
5. Don't Let Me Cave In
6. Dismantling Summer
7. You In January

1. Raining In Kyoto
2. Pyramids of Salt
3. It Must Get Lonely
4. Sister Cities
5. Flowers Where Your Face Should Be
6. Heaven's Gate (Sad & Sober)
7. We Look Like Lightning
8. The Ghosts Of Right Now
9. When The Blue Finally Came
10. The Orange Grove
11. The Ocean Grew Hands To Hold Me
12. The Ghosts Of Right Now (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]

1. Washington Square Park
2. We Look Like Lightning
3. I Wanted So Badly To Be Brave
4. Passing Through A Screen Door
5. It Must Get Lonely
6. Cul-de-sac
7. Hoodie Weather

1. Doors I Painted Shut
2. Wyatt's Song (Your Name)
3. Oldest Daughter
4. Cardinals II
5. The Paris Of Nowhere
6. Summer Clothes
7. Lost It In The Lights
8. Songs About Death
9. Low Tide
10. Laura & The Beehive
11. Old Friends Like Lost Teeth
12. You're The Reason I Don't Want The World To End


  1. Make a Joyce Manor post! They're better pop punk than the wonder years in my opinion.

    1. http://sophiesfloorboard.blogspot.com/search/label/joyce%20manor

    2. Joyce Manor is good, but they're definitely not pop-punk.
      You can't really compare TWY to Joyce Manor, TWY is a pop-punk powerhouse, while Joyce Manor has more of an indie emo vibe, but still a great band.

    3. Joyce Manor is definitely a moderate version of straight up punk, esp. with never hungover again out. Seconded, person above me.

  2. Done one over a year ago lol

  3. The link for The Greatest Generation is not working

  4. You are missing all of Suburbia Deluxe

  5. Is the version of Get Stoked On It that's up the remastered version?

  6. the bonus tracks for suburbia aren't working
    can you reupload?

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  8. Dudes, all of the links work fine, I've tried them on multiple computers and devices while not signed into SFB or mediafire, I dunno what's up with them for you guys. You've just gotta try again or something.

    1. No one should complain anyway, the amount of links available is way more than any of us deserve in the first place!

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  11. Hey i dont mean to be annoying or anything but if you can would you be able to post the full band version of the Living Room Song (Thanks)

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  13. Which is the best album to get started?

  14. Hey, the link for Suburbia: I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing is dead :(

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    1. False alarm, it's working!

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  18. Thank you for all of these. You are awesome

  19. You're missing quite a few more obscure tracks. If you email me at mikecastle27 at Gmail I'd be more than happy to help fill in the gaps

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  21. This is the best music blog I've ever visited, I would support bands but actually here 10 bucks is a fuck ton of money, third world problems :(

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  25. Is it possible that you have the Target exclusive bonus track for Sister Cities?

    1. Yep, I updated it with better quality and the bonus track!

    2. As someone that doesn't have access to the physical copy, I really appreciate this. I've been waiting for this. Thank you so much!

  26. thank you for sharing this full discography dude!! i've been looking for copies of some of twy's rarer songs and this is exactly what i needed :) much appreciated

  27. If anyone can get the split they did with Motion City Soundtrack on 2015 I would love'em forever

  28. yo im so sorry, the get stoked on it download is the OG version, wheres can I get the remaster at?

  29. It's missing i was scared and I'm sorry from the upside b side :c

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