Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Pine

The Pine were a four-piece punk/emo band that existed from 1999-2005 from Bakersfield, California. They sound a lot like bands such as The Hated, Evergreen, as well as bands such as Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr. So if you're into those bands, you'll definitely want to check The Pine out. There's an interview with them from 2001 that you can check out here. It's got a lot of information on the band and how they started, so it's definitely worth the read. Here's all the music I have from them. Pretty much all of it was taken from Chug Life before their Mediafire account got shut down, so thanks to them for uploading it initially. Enjoy.

1. Cubicle
2. Ten Years Old
3. Slug
4. You're The Only One I Hate
5. Wearing Thin
6. Face Drawings
7. My Two Feet
8. Windmills
9. Shovelglove
10. Charred
11. Running On Empty
12. Forced Gratitude
13. Hangnail
14. Numb

1. Homeless Life
2. Eyes Of A Father
3. Jigsaw
4. Sore Eyelids

1. Monocles
2. A Sad Old Man
3. Boarded Room
4. Sinking
5. Follow You Home
6. Young Bird
7. Loner
8. Beggin For Food
9. Letters
10. In The Breeze

1. The Pine - Rainclouds
2. The Pine - Down Below
3. The Saddest Landscape - Weighing Out The Desirables

1. No Tomorrow
2. Doing The Best He Can
3. Days Slipping By
4. Growing Calm Together
5. Child Gone
6. It Tears Me Apart
7. I Am Mending
8. Where Are You?
9. Sunchild
10. Handfull Of Coal

1. The Pine - Junkyard
2. La Quiete - Greyskull
3. La Quiete - Musica Per Un Giardino Segreto #3

1. Don't Need Regret
2. Friend
3. No You
4. Strings
5. Holding Onto Life
6. XBoytreeX
7. Bridge
8. Living Off A Lie
9. Crumbled
10. Dead Boat

1. Cubicle
2. Sore Eyelids, Slug, Monocles, A Sad Old Man
3. You're The Only One I Hate
4. Shovelglove
5. Windmills
6. Jigsaw
7. Dancing Song (Three Shades Of Dirty Cover)

1. Tired
2. Paper Bag
3. In Bloom
4. Heaven's Eyes
5. Fading Away
6. A Little Hope
7. Don't Love Me


  1. You're the greatest man ever.

    I'm actually writing an article about these guys for my school newspaper.

  2. you guys seriously are great, thanks for posting this. I put in the request, and it's just so awesome that you guys actually put this up... thanks so much, you're seriously just... sickk

  3. Hey could you PLEASE get ink & daggers discography on here?seriously one of the most underrated punk/hardcore/post hardcore bands from philly in the 90's

  4. I also found some music from these guys in a alternative band after their 5 year hiatus, Reaching Away. I'd love to get more from them. It's so good and they kind of fell off the map after 2012 and can't find anything on them.

  5. You are missing their demo tape, 8 song tape and the few compilations they did. Also their live acoustic sets

  6. everything except the full lengths need updating

  7. Hi! Is there any chance to have again the albums reuploaded? Most of them are fallen links. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey. I'm not the owner of this blog, just a fan of Roger King. I uploaded his material for anyone who happens to come across this. Enjoy

      The Pine

      2000 - Demo
      2002 - Lead Blocks for Feet
      2002 - Homeless Life
      2002 - Live Acoustic Set Recorded March 24 2002
      2003 - The Pine (Self Titled LP)
      2003 - Eight New Songs
      2003 - The Pine / The Saddest Landscape - Split
      2004 - Days Slipping By
      2004 - The Pine / La Quiete - Split
      2005 - Don't Need Regret
      2005 - Acoustic
      2011 - Some Unreleased Stuff


      Reaching Away

      2010 - Lost Boy
      2010 - Push Away The Moon
      2010 - Split
      2011 - Please Remember Me
      Unknown Year - Demo Songs


      Roger King

      2011 - Still Waiting...
      2013 - No Action / Roger King - Split


      Desert Legs

      2019 - Desert Legs


      P.S. Sorry for removing my previous comments. I had to re-upload because I forgot to include a few things.

  8. is there a way to get access to the interview? looks like a dead link :(

    1. If you search up The Pine Band Interview it should be the first result that shows up, by VK.