Wednesday, 6 November 2013

father figure

father figure are a three-piece screamo/emo band from Denton, Texas that formed in 2011 and unfortunately broke up in 2013. The band features members of Innards and Two Knights, and basically sounds like an amalgamation of the two. These guys are great. They aren't groundbreaking or anything, they just have a fucking great sound that they pull off flawlessly, and I'd go as far as to say that they're one of my personal favourite modern screamo bands. I love the lyrics, as overdramatic as they are, and their delivery, as overdramatic as it is. But that's kind of what makes them so awesome. Enjoy.

1. royal pain is ramona flowers
2. the side of me i hope you'll never see
3. hugh jazz
4. hot wads to stop the bleeding
5. mary 'wrestlemania' spuckler
6. your best is an idiot

1. Black
2. (Ears of a Beagle) The Rockland Mann Love Story, Pt. 2
3. Dreams
4. Ted, Dancing
5. Slideshow
6. (B.Y.O.K.) The Rockland Mann Love Story, Pt. 3
7. Mark of Shane
8. Dad Libs
9. Together We're Alone
10. Flowers

1. what the hell is on jonny's head?
2. death is my way out (d.i.m.w.o)
3. mean girls ripoff
4. maybe i'm upset, no, wait, definitely
5. this is my attempt at an apology 

1. father figure - Dakota's Incredible Droopy Impression
2. father figure - I Think I'm Immune to Hangovers (Either That or I'm So Use to Feeling Like Shit It Goes Unnoticed)
3. Marcy - One
4. Marcy - Two
5. Marcy - Three
6. Marcy - Four
7. Marcy - Five
8. Marcy - Six
9. Marcy - Seven