Tuesday, 11 June 2013


This is technically a band submission, though that's kind of weird to say since I've loved and listened to these guys for quite a while now and probably would have ended up doing a post on them anyways. But huge thanks to them for sending me their new album, that's pretty cool.

Calculator are a five-piece screamo band from Los Angeles, California, that formed in 2007, and they are fucking awesome. They blend all the aspects that make screamo (both American and European) so captivating into their own sound. They can create walls of abrasive, distorted dissonance, and then suddenly switch to clean, noodle-y guitar melodies, both entwining and meandering at times. Their dynamic shifts are executed incredibly well, even at the most chaotic of moments. At times they can sound as if every instrument is just falling over the other in a flurry of passion, and exploding in feedback. All of this is topped by the vocals, which are relatively clearly sung, but equally cathartic to that of a band in this type of music. In some ways the emotion is heightened by how clear the vocals are. You can hear the singer's voice crack and break, hit a shriek and drop into a whisper. Most of all, you can mostly hear the words he is singing. This intimacy adds a personal touch to their music that makes it feel that much more impactful, and adds to the immense force of their sound. They also add some elements of experimentation into the mix, such as spoken samples (from Forrest Gump and Donnie Darko, as examples, how can you go wrong?). One song off the new album, "Come Closer, Go Unto" also caught my attention since it's radically different than anything they usually do. They certainly do know how to keep things interesting and engaging. These guys are a band that anyone who digs modern screamo should be quite familiar with.

As a starting point, their newest LP, This Will Come To Pass will probably be what you want to check out. Though These Roots Grow Deep worked for me, and New Forms is perfection contained in three songs. They'll be touring soon, so definitely be on the look out for that, and spread the word.

1. Fivethousand
2. Abroad
3. 2012
4. Friendslikepaddles
5. Presence
6. Memorial

1. Calculator - Our Homes, Our Graves
2. Calculator - Paradise
3. Calculator - Bandages
4. Moldar - Growing Roots
5. Moldar - ...And Eyes In The Back Of My Head

1. zero
2. breathing in
3. breathing out
4. our homes,our graves
5. paradise
6. bandages
7. Jesus
8. fivethousand
9. abroad
10. party like theres no tomorrow in 2012
11. friendslikepaddles
12. presence
13. memorial
14. Untitled
15. Party Til Theres No Tomorrow (in 2012) *Demo
16. Abroad *Demo
17. Bridges *Demo

1. Drawing circles
2. of perfect days
3. through my head.

1. Softly So
2. Overture
3. Gasping, but Somehow Still Alive
4. Brooding Over
5. Becoming//Whisperings in Sleep
6. Permanant State of Daylight
7. First Shadow of Evening
8. Come Closer, Go Unto
9. Guided by Moonlight
10. Reverie
11. Grinning at the Thought
12. Dark Victory
13. Last Breath

1. Calculator - Only The Winds Home
2. Calculator - You Say It, We Play It
3. Calculator - Victoria
4. Innards - July 5th
5. Innards - Slow And Repeat
6. Capacities - This Man's Navy
7. Capacities - The Art Of Excuses
8. Capacities - Advice From Tyrion
9. Capacities - Condolences
10. Ittō - Death Frenzy
11. Ittō - Daigoro


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  2. It really sucks that Calculator disbanded. Oh well

  3. Is the date of our death is fixed?

  4. This is so gooooddd. I think you're missing one of your files, their split with Moldar. Probably you should fix it, XoXo, thank you.

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