Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Carrier

The Carrier were a melodic hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2006 and broke up in 2012. Their brand of hardcore focused on passionate, emotionally driven vocals and lyrics backed by some hard-hitting instrumentals that could be as melodic as they were crushing. The Carrier were contemporaries with other great bands like Killing The Dream, Ruiner, and Dead Swans, who all have some stylistic similarities. They released the majority of their material on Deathwish, including what I think is an absolutely flawless EP, No Love Can Save Me. They put out two full-lengths, one in 2007 (that was later re-released by Deathwish in 2010), and another in 2011, titled Blind To What Is Right, which would sadly be their swan song. Early in their career they released a demo and a self-titled EP, which I don't have, but all the songs appear on their debut One Year Later. Enjoy.

1. Memoirs
2. Empty Words
3. Alcatraz
4. Panicstricken
5. Untitled

1. Unloved
2. Wasted
3. Empty Words
4. Alcatraz
5. Nineteen Years Young
6. Stranded
7. Panicstricken
8. Memoirs
9. Heaven
10. One Year Later...
11. ...Everything Has Changed

1. No. 51
2. Hello Uncertainty
3. Epilogue: Forgiveness

1. Blind To What Is Right
2. Everyone Who I Knew And Loved Is Gone
3. Wash Away My Sins
4. Hollow Pain
5. A Stranger To Myself
6. In Silence Together
7. Downstream
8. Into Darkness
9. All That's Left To See

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