Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hesitation Wounds

Hesitation Wounds are a four-piece hardcore/metalcore band formed in 2012 by members of tons of other very noteworthy bands. Their vocalist is Jeremy Bolm, better known as the lead singer of Touché Amoré. Their debut EP was also released on his label, Secret Voice. The rest of the band consists of guitarist Neeraj Kane (who also played in The Suicide File and is best known as a member of The Hope Conspiracy), bassist Stephen LaCour (from Trap Them), and drummer Jay Weinberg (who used to play with Against Me! and Madball, and and is the current drummer for Slipknot).

Clearly, the roster is stacked with talent, and it clearly comes through in the music. The band plays a dark, heavy, and metallic style of hardcore that is blended with Bolm's passionate vocal delivery. Though they formed more as an experimental project (the EP was written and recorded within a few days), they ended up doing a few shows in support of it. Now in 2016, they just released their debut full-length on 6131. Thus why I had to share this band and the new album A$AP, so please do enjoy.

1. Viewing
2. A Smith. (The Death Of A Teenager)
3. P. Ochs (The Death Of A Rebel)
4. Realism (The Death Of Innocence)

1. Operatic
2. Bleach
3. Hands Up
4. New Abuse
5. All We Know
6. Ends Pt. I
7. Guthrie
8. Away
9. Teeth
10. Ends Pt. II
11. Streamlined

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