Friday, 20 May 2016


Hiretsukan (meaning "vicious man" or "despicable person") were a four-piece hardcore/screamo band originally from Washington, DC, though they later relocated to New York. They began in 2000, and finally called it quits in 2012, though they hadn't released any studio material in 7 years. All they left behind was an EP and an LP, both which are full of dark, dissonant, brooding, and intense punk rock in the vein of bands such as pg.99. The vocals are incredible, with some high-pitched screams courtesy of frontwoman Michelle Proffit, which are often doubled up with guitarist Dave Sanders' backing vocals, which echo her voice perfectly. I'm also a sucker for bands with dual vocals, so I may be a little biased, but to me its fucking great. The band is really tight, but still bursting at the seems with this cathartic energy. You really can't go wrong with that. Enjoy.

1. Lender Of The Last
2. Michael Cosgrove
3. Barrel Roll
4. Driver
5. Sidesplitter
6. New Lamp Standard
7. Creeping Death (Metallica cover)

1. Circling Boy
2. Hauling Sharp
3. Manual Function
4. Song For Wilhelmina Vautrin
5. Her Article
6. Wellwisher
7. Click And Repeat
8. 9 Year Barrier
9. Placement Services
10. Tight Not Touching

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