Thursday, 12 May 2016

Midnight Souls

Midnight Souls were a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Belgium that formed in 2009 and ended in 2013. An EP, a split, a full-length, and a swan song are all that make up their discography, but that's all that's needed to prove what a good band they were. Their music had a very dark and desperate tone to it, and they played with such an bleeding intensity that every song sounds like their last (especially "Always"). Dark, pummelling and passionate summarize what Midnight Souls did best, and I'm sure that combination is the golden ticket to winning undying affection for a band. If you dig early Touché Amoré, More Than Life, Xerxes, or Dead Swans, you'll definitely be into Midnight Souls. Enjoy.

1. Rivertown Rains
2. Black Lung Disease
3. January 1st, 1998
4. Walkaways
5. Black Days

1. Xerxes - I Can Feel You Standing There
2. Xerxes - But I Don't Feel You Anywhere
3. Midnight Souls - Former Friends And Other Dead Ends
4. Midnight Souls - Widowmaker

1. Tainted
2. East/West
3. Always Simple Never Easy
4. Heavenspent
5. Callow Youth
6. Counterfeiters Union
7. Model Behaviour 101
8. Vulgar Virtues
9. Malaise

1. Always

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