Friday, 6 May 2016

Turning Point

Turning Point were a four-piece (originally five-piece) straight edge hardcore band from Moorestown, New Jersey that lasted from 1988 to 1991. They've been incredibly influential, mostly for their later material, which was foundational to both emo and melodic hardcore (as well as being straight-up amazing material). Their discography was compiled by Jade Tree in 2000, which documents their shift from their early straight edge hardcore days to a very tight melodic outfit, with classics like "Behind This Wall". Sadly, their vocalist Skip Candelori died in 2002, though the band has recently announced that they'll be playing this year's This Is Hardcore festival, with other vocalists filling in for Skip. That's highly anticipated, and a perfect example of how a reunion is done best, I think. Here's the discography LP for this essential band, enjoy.

1. Behind This Wall
2. Thursday
3. Anxiety Asking
4. Broken
5. Before The Dawn
6. Running In Place
7. Guidance
8. Face Up
9. Turn It Around
10. Shadow Of Lies
11. Life Goes On
12. Prophecy
13. Descent
14. Growing Stronger
15. Get It Back
16. Feeding The Fire
17. Insecurity
18. My Turn To Win
19. To Lose
20. Few And The Proud
21. Empty Promises
22. Never Again
23. Over The Line
24. Turning Point
25. To Lose
26. Face Up
27. Never Again
28. Behind My Back
29. Turning Point
30. Curtain Falls
31. Empty Promises
32. Growing Stronger
33. Down
34. Hollow Inside
35. Unexpressed
36. Undertow
37. Will To Speak
38. Watching It Fall

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