Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Stick To Your Guns

Stick To Your Guns are a five-piece melodic hardcore/metalcore band from Orange County, California that formed in 2003. To be perfectly honest, I can't say much about this band because I could never really get into this band. There's nothing wrong with them, they just never clicked for me. Obviously that's not the case for a lot of people, since they've got a sizable fanbase, which only continues to grow over each new album. Stick To Your Guns play a blend of pumped-up, aggressive verses, with catchy sing-along choruses, with a ton of gang chants of course. Here's the infinitely requested Stick To Your Guns discography, enjoy.

1. Badge A Brand
2. Tears The Walls Down
3. Hands Are Not For Hitting
4. Compassion Without Compromise
5. There Is No 'I' In Team
6. This Is Where My Heart lies
7. This Is Personal
8. Justin's A Doofus

1. For What It's Worth...
2. A Poor Man's Poor Sport (Two Heads Are Better Than One)
3. Colorblind
4. Compassion Without Compromise
5. For The Kids, By The ids
6. Badge A Brand
7. This Is More
8. Fire With Fire
9. Our Demise
10. All Time Low
11. Fashion Or Fascist
12. There Is No I In Team
13. Industry Or Infamy
14. This Is Where My Heart Lies 

1. We're What Separates The Heart From The Heartless
2. Impact
3. Part Of Me
4. Enough Is Enough
5. Accessory Children
6. Interlude
7. Tonight's Entertainment
8. We Must Look Like Ants From Up There
9. Driving Force
10. Looking For The Surface

1. Where The Sun Never Sleeps
2. What Goes Around
3. Faith In The Untamed
4. Amber
5. Wolves At The Door
6. Some Kind Of Hope
7. Scarecrow
8. Erida
9. Life Through Western Eyes
10. 3/60
11. No Cover
12. Sufferer/La Poderosa

1. Diamond
2. Against Them All
3. Such Pain
4. The Bond
5. We Still Believe
6. Ring Loud (Lost Hope)
7. Empty Heads
8. Beyond The Sun
9. Life In A Box
10. Bringing You Down
11. D(I AM)OND
12. Built Upon The Sand

1. The Story So Far - Clairvoyant
2. The Story So Far - Loro (Pinback cover)
3. Stick To Your Guns - We Still Believe
4. Stick To Your Guns - Burning Fight (Inside Out cover)

1. It Starts With Me
2. What Choice Did You Give Us?
3. Nobody
4. RMA (Revolutionary Mental Attitude)
5. Nothing You Can Do To Me
6. To Whom It May Concern
7. The Crown
8. I Choose Nothing
9. Disobedient
10. The War Inside
11. Left You Behind
12. Every Second
13. The Crown (Acoustic)
14. Nothing You Can Do To Me (Acoustic)

Note: Deluxe Edition

1. Better Ash Than Dust
2. Universal Language
3. No Tolerance
4. The NeverEnding Story
5. The Suspend

1. 3 Feet From Peace
2. The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: "Penance Of Self"
3. Married To The Noise
4. Delinelle
5. Cave Canem
6. 56
7. The Inner Authority: "Realization Of Self"
8. You Are Free
9. Doomed By You
10. The Better Days Before Me
11. Owed Nothing
12. Through The Chain Link
13. The Reach For Me: "Forgiveness Of Self"


  1. Haha, I can see why you never personally felt like hosting this. Word.

  2. you're missing the better ash than dust EP:(

  3. Some album's are missing, notice me if already fix that. Thanks!