Monday, 9 May 2016

Sea Oleena

Sea Oleena is a lo-fi indie/dream pop project created by Charlotte Loseth, who is based out of Montreal, Quebec. Between two mini-albums and one full-length, Charlotte's established an ethereal atmosphere, full of gentle vocals and layered instrumentation that's so textured and reverberated that it often draws comparisons to shoegaze. Sonically, Sea Oleena crafts the type of music that evokes a sense of floating in a half-asleep haze, with clouds as cushions and a euphoric aimless drift. Or something like that. Basically, Charlotte is an incredible musician who utilizes subtle details to create massive landscapes of sound, which are still quiet and soothing. As far as comparisons go, Grouper shares a similar atmosphere, though Sea Oleena's songwriting is a bit more structured and instrumentally defined. If you're looking for some very relaxing, euphoric, atmospheric music, I cannot recommend Sea Oleena enough. Enjoy.

1. Swimming Story
2. Asleep At The Wheel
3. Island Cottage
4. Cold White Sheets/Empty Bed
5. And
6. Little Army
7. Lull

1. Southbound
2. Sleepless Fever
3. Insomnia Plague
4. Untitled
5. Sister
6. Milk
7. Orion's Eyes

1. If I'm
2. Shallow
3. To Hold
4. Shades Of Golden
5. Everyone With Eyes Closed
6. Vinton, LA
7. Paths

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  1. Her voice is really adorable, and words in each song are soooo tender. Sea Oleena is a huge source of inspiration, lots of my work for rewarded essays was made on the influence of her music. It's pure magic!