Monday, 9 May 2016

The Hope And The Failure

In keeping up with the last few posts of bands that are long overdue for posts, here's The Hope And The Failure. They were a four-piece screamo/hardcore/post-rock band from Stockholm, Sweden that released one album, which was 2005's The Lights Are On But This Dance Never Ends. Though comparisons could be made to bands like Envy and City Of Caterpillar, The Hope And The Failure really establish their own ground throughout these six songs. For one, the dynamics build and crash, making for a gruelling catharsis, featuring quiet, spoken-word sections that build and explode into explosive climaxes. Vocalist Ina really holds her own throughout both, being able to quietly whisper the spoken sections atop some gorgeous guitar melodies, and harshly scream against the walls of distortion. The band is brimming with passion, which is very audible, and makes for an emotional half hour of listening. Their has a pretty thorough bio on them, so check that out too. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Violet
3. I'm Really Glad He Didn't Say That Cause Freddie Mercury Is Fucking Dead
4. The Lights Are On
5. Embrace
6. Prozac Hell


  1. They just reunited this month. New album is coming I believe, but thats what they hinted

  2. New split with Heavy Weather is out!