Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest are a two-piece emo/indie/alternative band from Sheffield, England that formed in 2011. They've put out a ton of material since they got started, and have really progressed as a band. They've also worked with a ton of great labels, most notably Dog Knight Productions, and their last LP came out on Topshelf. Needless to say, they've been making a name for themselves. And rightfully so. Their earliest material is some of the best 90's midwest emo revival to come out, with some great Kinsella-esque guitar work, and vocal shouts similar to the other Kinsella. For a two-piece, they really had a full sound, thanks to some busy guitar work and drums that manage to stay all over the place.

As they went on, their sound evolved to include a more expansive palette of influence, though still quite obviously rooted in 90's worship. Thick, distorted guitar tones topped with pop melodies began to take the forefront, kind of comparable to other modern bands with a serious nostalgic sensibility for a decade long gone, such as Wavves. There's nothing wrong with that of course, since it's a sound that works, whether it be from then or now. Great stuff all around. Enjoy.

1. Crossing Days Off My Calendar
2. Red Letter Day, On Play
3. It's Uplifting...

1. Nai Harvest - Tim Helped Me Get Over It
2. Nai Harvest - Distance, etc.
3. Papayér - Pierre
4. Papayér - Brand Partnership

1. The Bikes & The Basement
2. I Might Have To...
3. Missing Summer
4. Eric Forman

1. Five Leaf Nettles - Autumn
2. Five Leaf Nettles - Prehistoric Land Mammals
3. Nai Harvest - Eric Forman (Acoustic)
4. Nai Harvest - Garden State (Acoustic)

1. Manbearpig - Ray Brower
2. Manbearpig - Tongues
3. Cavalcades - Coastal Route
4. Cavalcades - It Took Stitches
5. Nai Harvest - Red Letter Day, On Play
6. Nai Havest - Crossing Days Off My Calender
7. For This World Is Hollow And These Hands Have Touched The Sky - Old Religion
8. For This World Is Hollow And These Hands Have Touched The Sky - Untitled #4

1. Bonjour - The Spice Must Flow!
2. Invalids - Monary System
3. Nai Harvest - Red Letter Day, On Play (#2)
4. Reno Dakota - Yeah, I'm Stalking

1. Whatever
2. Floor
3. Sitcom Fade-in
4. Twin Tweaks
5. Distance, etc.
6. Quit Makin'
7. Washy
8. Red Letter Day, On Play
9. You're Not That Boring
10. To Be There

1. You Blew It! - Medal Of Honor (Acoustic)
2. Nai Harvest - Washy (Acoustic)
3. Marietta - You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt (Acoustic)
4. Dikembe - Untitled (How Demos Feel)

1. Nai Harvest - Buttercups
2. Nai Harvest - Sweet Touth (Playlounge cover)
3. Playlounge - Handclap Cinema
4. Playlounge - Floor (Nai Harvest cover)

1. Rush
2. Hold Open My Head
3. Pastel
4. I Don't Even Know

1. Spin
2. Sick On My Heart
3. All The Time
4. Drinking Bleach
5. Melanie
6. Buttercups
7. Ocean of Madness
8. Dive In
9. Gimme Gimme
10. Hairball


  1. The top picture is of Playlounge, not Nai Harvest

  2. Sophie, your website color looks like pornhub and i'm loving it. It makes me want to beat my meat every time i go to your site.

    1. Lol you're so right. Good eye anon. Sophie do you get paid by pornhub?

  3. Nai have also released a double A side this year too with two awesome tracks

  4. ceiling and papayer are taken down, dude