Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Lowercase were a three-piece post-hardcore band from Palm Desert, California that formed in 1996 and broke up in 2000. Though the band never garnered the attention that peers like Unwound did, they still seem to be renowned by those who did get the chance to hear them. The band had a darker sound for indie bands at the time, and stuck to droning rhythms and angular guitar work, with a spectacular blend of melody and dissonance. The band released three full-lengths (I'd suggest starting with Kill The Lights), as well as a slew of 7"'s which I sadly don't have. Regardless, the three albums are more than enough to keep their legacy intact. Also, their singer/guitarist Imaad Wasif was active in a few other bands, including Alaska! and The Folk Implosion. He was also involved with The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Karen O's solo material before embarking on his own solo career. Enjoy.

1. As Your Mouth
2. Palace Vaccine
3. Ringbleeder
4. The Faded Line
5. Because I Can
6. Earth Minus One
7. Sometimes I Feel Like A Vampire
8. Deceit

1. She Takes Me
2. Slightly Dazed
3. Severance Denied
4. Neurasthenia
5. Stairways
6. Rare Anger
7. You're A King

1. Floodlit
2. Willing To Follow You Down
3. The Going Away Present
4. Glisten To The Pink
5. The Open Sea
6. On A Bender
7. Last Stand
8. Thistrainwillnotstop


  1. hola! we actually started in 1993. first full length came out in '96. anyway..... so glad you like it. ;)

  2. man, if you could find the Alaska! discography.... i don't even know

  3. yo this band is fucking dope