Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dead In The Dirt

Dead In The Dirt are a three-piece hardcore/grindcore band from Atlanta, Georgia that formed in 2008. After one self-released EP and another one on Southern Lord (both fantastic by the way), they released this phenomenal album titled The Blind Hole in 2013 (also with Southern Lord). And then they just kind of disappeared. Their Facebook is still occassionally active, but they haven't toured or released anything since. It would be tough to top anyway. I think its one of the most aggressive albums to come out in this decade. The songs are blistering, with some real guttural, dual vocals and a tinge of black metal influence in the occasional tremolo-picked guitars. Throw in some sludgy tones and d-beat drum patterns and you've got one hell of an extreme album. It's complete chaos, and the music sucks you in just like the cover art into this dark and dead place with no way out. If the flames of hell had a soundtrack, this would be it. Definitely give this band a listen. Enjoy.

1. Grief
2. Slave
3. Wage Labor Blues
4. Watching It Die
5. Few And Far Between

1. The Screaming Wind
2. Bastards Of The Bleak
3. Disease
4. Two Flames
5. Burden Of Life
6. Can They Suffer...
7. Biting At The Binds
8. Sever The Tie
9. Skin Graft
10. Fear

1. Suffer
2. The Blaring Eye
3. Swelling
4. Strength Through Restraint
5. Idiot Bliss
6. You Bury Me
7. Skull Binding
8. Mask
9. Cop
10. No Chain
11. Will Is The War
12. Beggar
13. One More Day
14. The Pit Of Me
15. Caged
16. Starve
17. Vein
18. Pitch Black Tomb
19. The Last Nail
20. Two Flames
21. Knife In The Feathers
22. Halo Crown


  1. please do wormrot,marugrind, insect warfare please

  2. Hank & Bo went on to start PDC after this band, which released a demo or two, then are also currently unactive. The latest release from these guys is a new skramz / emoviolence project called Slow Fire Pistol. First show was Foundation's Last (Secret) Show the night before the Last Show.