Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Arse Moreira

Arse Moreira were a four-piece emo violence/screamo band from Mexico City that were around from 2005 to 2008. In their time all they really released was splits, with some great bands of course (such as Kidcrash and unreleased one with Loma Prieta). Finally in 2013 their discography was compiled together, and we now have this convenient collection of their 13 tracks. It's quite shameful that this band isn't on here sooner, since this is some of the most intense and progressive "skramz" ever. Arse Moreira are a phenomenal band, and fans of Louise Cyphre will definitely see the appeal here. Enjoy.

1. Breathe! It Is Time To Forget
2. Still, We Fall
3. Memories Of January
4. 3 Dias 3 Soles
5. Brown Eyes
6. Intro 1.5
7. Intro
8. How Many Times Do You Have To Die To Forget
9. Tela Blanca
10. Human Drama
11. Isabelle
12. Intro (Demo)
13. Acoustix


  1. tanks for the greal blog, this is mmissing the dl link. ok thanks again.

  2. Thnx to recognize mexican talent Grate blog!

  3. Thnx to recognize mexican talent Grate blog!

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