Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Safe To Say

Safe To Say are a four-piece pop punk band from Markham, Ontario that formed in 2012. That same year, they put out a split with Seaway, which helped get the band some much-deserved attention. Their debut full-length followed the year after. Safe To Say play a type of energetic and melodic pop punk that recalls bands like Title Fight and The Story So Far. Though a lot of bands who take influence from the aforementioned often end up sounding derivative,  I have to give credit to Safe To Say for embracing the sound without sounding like a try-hard clone. They've managed to bang out some great songs in a genre that's gotten a little over-saturated, so kudos to them. Enjoy.

1. In Constant Echos
2. Tunnels
3. Vacancy
4. What The Cuss
5. Sick To Death

1. Seaway - Homewrecker
2. Seaway - Middle Finger
3. Seaway - Lifted
4. Safe To Say - Wished You The Worst
5. Safe To Say - Entirely
6. Safe To Say - Dead Birds

1. Bleed
2. Trip
3. Nothing Gold
4. Spun
5. Half Asleep
6. Heavy Eyes
7. Like Daisies
8. Bed Ridden
9. Funeral
10. Once In A While

1. Summer Sickness
2. Bracelets
3. When I'm Not Here
4. Zoey
5. LULL (Heaven Knows)
6. Near Enough

1. Only Rain
2. From The Top
3. Ultra Blue
4. Dove
5. Tangerine
6. Gone To Ground
7. Slip
8. Louver
9. Afterglow
10. Hiraeth
11. Crows
12. Your Favourite Dream
13. In A Room


  1. these guys new album is out!! u should put it up

  2. Please add the new safe to say album please. thank you

  3. Please post Down In The Dark!