Saturday, 7 May 2016

Ordination Of Aaron

Ordination Of Aaron were a five-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Kalamazoo, Michigan that were around from 1993 to 1995. They toured throughout the east coast and Canada, and put out a small amount of recordings between EP's, compilation appearances, and one LP. Almost their entire discography was included on 2000's Completed Works, and any of their material that wasn't included is linked separately. Ordination Of Aaron take clear influence from Sunny Day Real Estate, but in a rawer form, which could draw comparisons to Indian Summer or The Hated. Though they formed a few years later, I Hate Myself are also pretty comparable to Ordination Of Aaron. Damn good band. Enjoy.

1. Ordination Of Aaron - Battle Of Tippecanoe
2. Indian Summer - Black/Touch The Wings Of An Angel... Doesn't Mean You Can Fly
3. Indian Summer - Truman

1. Crate
2. You Too Can Be A Motion Picture Star
3. Untitled

1. Immersion In a 90 MPH World
2. New Face
3. Exercise In Futility Part 1
4. Crate
5. Count Of Monte Carlo
6. You Too Can Be A Motion Picture Star
7. Beautiful 2 Fold
8. Something Like Bottom
9. Battle Of Tippecanoe
10. Parthenon
11. Product You
12. Counter
13. Eli
14. Lay Down And Die
15. Eli (Acoustic)

New Face
I Brought The Cutter

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