Monday, 9 May 2016

Stay Ahead Of The Weather

I can't believe I've skipped out on adding this band to the blog for so long, especially since I now have all of its member's main projects up. Stay Ahead Of The Weather are a four-piece emo/pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois, that features members of Into It. Over It., Native, and CSTVT. They put out one EP with No Sleep and a split with The Wonder Years, and haven't really been active ever since. There were apparently plans to record a full-length a few years back, but nothing came out of it. Presumably this is because of their dedications to other projects and scheduling conflicts, etc. etc. Regardless, they gave the world a great EP that kind of sounds like an energetic IIOI, or a band like The Sidekicks. They blend their 90's emo influence with a modern pop punk punch, which makes for some songs as painfully relatable as they are catchy. Enjoy.

1. Get Old Or Die Tryin'
2. Impressions & Impressing People
3. Sorority Social Suicide
4. No Sleep Till Humboldt
5. Butchering A Back Catalog

1. The Wonder Years - Me Vs. The Highway
2. Stay Ahead Of The Weather - No Money, Mo Problems

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