Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Ladies

Never thought this would happen, but here's two bands in one post. Both great bands that share one great name.

The Ladies were a four-piece hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia that were kicking around from 2008 to 2010. They released a handful of EP's, that eventually were all compiled on 2014's Blow Your Mind by Grave Mistakes Records. Their discography spans 18 tracks in under 16 minutes, which is an immediate indicator that this is good shit. The Ladies were loose, raw power that played with a no-fucks given attitude. Everything that you could ever love about hardcore is right here. I know there's another band with the same name featuring Zach Hill and Rob Crow, so sorry if that's what you were expecting. This is just as good. Enjoy.

1. I'm The Worst
2. God Doesn't Listen
3. Good Enough Tonight
4. Suicide Party
5. You're Dumb
6. Trashed
7. She Just Don't Care
8. Can't Come In
9. Dirty Pictures Of Your Mother
10. I'm A Beast
11. Channel 12
12. Hole Sailor
13. New Shame
14. She's A Cutter
15. Too Bad 'bout Dad
16. Not Sorry
17. Retard Stockboy
18. Dismemberabillia

The Ladies were a two-piece project featuring Zach Hill (from Death Grips, Hella, and a million other projects) and Rob Crow (from Pinback and a ton of others) that put out one album back in 2006. Take the best of both members and you've got The Ladies. Slow indie rock-inspired guitar playing is paired with insane, math rock-level drumming to craft some truly unique indie/pop songs. There's really nothing else like it, so get into it. Enjoy.

1. Black Caesar/Red Sonja
2. Recycler 1a
3. Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation
4. Empathy On A Stick
5. Recycler 1b
6. Non-threatening
7. Black Metal In The Hour Of Starbucks
8. Nice Chaps, Buddy
9. So Much For The Fourth Wall
10. Recycler 2
11. And Them
12. Mandatory Psycho-Freakout

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