Sunday, 19 February 2017

Giants Chair

Giants Chair were a three-piece post-hardcore band from Kansas City that formed in 1993 and broke up in 1997. They were a part of the burgeoning underground hardcore scene in the mid 90's that would be crucial in developing post-hardcore and emo into what we all know and love today. Though perhaps not as well-known as a band like Drive Like Jehu, or associated with a legendary label such as Gravity, Giants Chair are nonetheless an incredible act who put out two perfect albums. This band plays with such a tight complexity, with songs walking the line between melodic and aggressive. Their musicianship is impressive, and their songwriting ability only furthers the notion that they're one of the best post-hardcore bands of the 90's. I only have their two full-length albums, though they did release a few splits and such. If anyone has them, I'd really appreciate them being sent my way.  Enjoy.

1. New Orleans
2. Mother Brother Sister Lover
3. Gutshot and the Jogger
4. Mainline
5. Semi
6. Blue 88's
7. Kick The Can
8. Weed Roses
9. Fingerhood
10. Full on Flat White 

1. Nondescriptionist Ethic
2. Robbing Peter, Paying Paul
3. Single File Accident
4. Purity and Control
5. 1000 of Anything
6. Work as Fuel
7. The Speech
8. Blind in One Eye
9. The Ballad of Jody Hamilton
10. Muelbach Pigeon


Foxmoulder are a four-piece screamo band from Toronto, Ontario that have been around since 2012. They're probably one of my personal favourite screamo bands around now; this is some good shit right here. They're noisy and chaotic in the vein of classics like Orchid, but would also appeal to fans of other fantastic modern bands, such as Capacities or Coma Regalia. If you've got a hankering for a skramz fix, here it is. Enjoy.

1. Intuition/Rhetoric
2. Neutral
3. Awkward
4. Absurd
5. Breath of the City

1. Foxmoulder - Rapture
2. Foxmoulder  - Ascend
3. Sartre - Circadian
4. Sartre - More Weight

1. Tesslyn
2. Hum
3. Havelock
4. Endless/Blameless

15. Far Away Friends

Note: Full comp here

1. Foxmoulder - Pine
2. Coma Regalia - Suffering / Anger / Peace

1. Foxmoulder - Tempered Ill
2. Foxmoulder - Needless/Anxious
3. Foxmoulder - Antrim
4. Foxmoulder - Shame
5. Foxmoulder - Increments
6. Eaglehaslanded - Intro (Nightmares In Suburba Pt. III)
7. Eaglehaslanded - Заклятые Враги
8. Eaglehaslanded - Mora samo da se umre
9. Eaglehaslanded - Got a Flower
10. Eaglehaslanded - Tworatz
11. Eaglehaslanded - Grobljanska
12. Eaglehaslanded - 1000 Palms


Free are a five-piece hardcore band from Massachusetts that formed in late 2015.  Not to be confused with the classic rock band that did "All Right Now". Admittedly I'm a little late in posting this, but whatever, it's good shit that should not be missed. As you probably know by now, four out of five members of Have Heart got together years after their final show to start a new project, which turned into Free. They recorded a demo that was released in November of 2015, and it carries on what made Have Heart one of the greatest hardcore bands of the past decade. The messages are strong, positive, and intense; which are all pretty much hallmarks of the Have Heart sound and soul. As far as I know, their demo is their only recorded material to date. However, they've played quite a few shows and such, and there's a lot of footage available that's definitely worth checking out, especially for Have Heart diehards. Enjoy.

1. Dedication
2. Vow
3. MA Flex
4. We Live Free

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Sick Of It All

This band gets non-stop requests, and I can't put them off any longer. They are way too essential and in high request demand, so alas, here they are finally. Sick Of It All should be a household name to any hardcore fan, since they've not only had such an influential career, but probably one of the longest in hardcore, even in punk as a whole. Since forming in 1986 in Queens, New York, this band has been touring and releasing album after album. In addition, they've kept the same line-up since the early 90's, so it's been the same four guys just killing it for over twenty years now.

 They first emerged as a fairly typical New York hardcore punk band, with a ton of energy and aggression. But the sound they've really become known (and influential in) is their hardcore/thrash metal crossover, which is a sound that would not exist if Sick of It All hadn't helped pioneer it. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this band is the quality of their work. They've released a lot of music in their time, and though it never strays from their hardcore origin, they do manage to change things up with some melody, some metal influence, and of course a ton of gang vocals. Each album has been consistently good, making their entire discography worth listening to. For starters though, my recommendations would be Scratch The Surface and Built To Last, since there is a lot of material below to sift through. This band's an essential, a classic, and above all else, just a damn good band. Enjoy.

1. It's Clobberin' Time
2. Just Lies
3. Pete's Sake
4. Friends Like You
5. Bullshit Justice
6. Pay The Price
7. Pushed Too Far
8. Give Respect
9. The Deal
10. N.S./My Revenge

1. The Blood & The Sweat
2. Clobberin' Time/Pay The Price (feat. KRS-one)
3. Give Respect
4. Breeders Of Hate
5. Pushed Too Far
6. Friends Like You
7. B.S. Justice
8. Rat Pack
9. Pete's Sake
10. Stick Together
11. G.I. Joe Headstomp
12. Alone
13. My Life
14. World Full Of Hate
15. My Revenge
16. No Labels
17. Disillusion
18. The Deal
19. Injustice System!

1. What's Going On
2. Betray (Minor Threat cover)
3. We Stand Alone
4. Disillusion (Live)
5. My Revenge / World Full Of Hate (Live)
6. Pete's Sake (Live)
7. Injustice System (Live)
8. The Deal (Live)
9. G.I. Joe Headstomp (Live)
10. Pushed Too Far (Live)
11. The Blood & The Sweat (Live)
12. Politics (Live)

1. We Want The Truth
2. Locomotive
3. The Pain Strikes
4. Shut Me Out
5. What's Goin' On
6. Violent Generation
7. The Shield
8. Violent Generation
9. The Shield
10. Now It's Gone
11. We Stand Alone
12. Will We Survive
13. Indust.

1. No Cure
2. Insurrection
3. Consume
4. Who Sets The Rules
5. Goatless
6. Step Down
7. Maladjusted
8. Scratch The Surface
9. Free Spirit
10. Force My Hand
11. Desperate Fool
12. Return to Reality
13. Farm Team
14. Cease Fire

1. Injustice System
2. It's Clobberin' Time
3. Violent Generation
4. Alone
5. The Pain Strikes
6. Shut Me Out
7. Pushed Too Far
8. Friends Like You
9. Locomotive
10. World Full Of Hate
11. Just Look Around
12. What's Going On
13. Give Respect
14. Disillusion
15. No Labels
16. Pete's Sake
17. G.I. Joe Head Stomp
18. We Want The Truth
19. The Blood & The Sweat
20. The Shield
21. We Stand Alone
22. Indust
23. My Life
24. Betray

1. It's Clobberin' Time
2. Just Lies
3. Pete's Sake
4. Friends Like You
5. Bullshit Justice
6. Pay The Price
7. Pushed Too Far
8. Give Respect
9. The Deal
10. N.S./My Revenge
11. Politics
12. My Life

1. Good Lookin' Out
2. Built To Last
3. Closer
4. One Step Ahead
5. Us Vs. Them
6. Laughingstock
7. Don't Follow
8. Nice
9. Busted
10. Burn 'Em Down
11. End The Era
12. Chip Away
13. Too Late
14. Jungle

1. Potential For A Fall
2. Let Go
3. Soul Be Free

1. Let Go
2. Call To Arms
3. Potential For A Fall
4. Falter
5. The Future Is Mine
6. Guilty
7. Falling Apart
8. Sanctuary
9. Morally Confused
10. Hindsight
11. Martin
12. Pass The Buck
13. Quiet Man
14. Drastic
15. (Just A) Patsy

1. Blown Away
2. Nails
3. The Bland Within
4. Hello Pricks
5. District
6. Disco Sucks Fuck Everything
7. America
8. Hands Tied Eyes Closed
9. Turn My Back
10. Broke Dick
11. Souvenir
12. Cruelty
13. This Day And Age
14. Ruin
15. Cry For Help
16. No Apologies

1. Good Lookin' Out
2. Call To Arms
3. Blown Away
4. Built To Last
5. Just Look Around
6. Let Go
7. Us Vs. Them
8. The Bland Within
9. Disco Sucks Fuck Everything
10. Injustice System
11. Potential For A Fall
12. Scratch The Surface
13. America
14. Straight Ahead
15. Rat Pack
16. Sanctuary
17. My Life
18. Busted
19. Maladjusted
20. Goatless
21. Friends Like You
22. Clobberin' Time
23. Step Down

1. Relentless
2. Who Will Be Next?
3. Can't Wait To Quit

1. Relentless
2. All My Blessings
3. The Land Increases
4. Paper Tiger (Fakin' The Punk)
5. The Innocent
6. Silence
7. For Now
8. View From The Surface
9. Going All Out
10. Rewind
11. Shit Sandwich
12. Butting Heads
13. Take Control
14. Kept In Check
15. On The Brink
16. Trenches

Outtakes For The Outcast (2004)
1. I Believe
2. Stood For Nothing
3. Borstal Breakout
4. Straight Ahead
5. All Hell Breaks Loose
6. My Little World
7. Soul Be Free
8. Blatty (Human Egg)
9. 86
10. Target
11. Rip Off
12. Working Class Kids
13. Never Measure Up
14. The Future Is Mine
15. Just Look Around

1. Take The Night Off
2. Machete
3. Preamble
4. Uprising Nation
5. Always War
6. Die Alone
7. Evil Schemer
8. Leader
9. Make A Mark
10. Forked Tongue
11. The Reason
12. Faithless
13. Fred Army
14. Thick Skin
15. Maria White Trash
16. Don't Join The Crowd [European Bonus Track]

1. Death Or Jail
2. The Divide
3. Dominated
4. A Month Of Sundays
5. Braveheart
6. Bent Outta Shape
7. Lowest Common Demoniator
8. Good Cop
9. Lifeline
10. Watch It Burn
11. Waiting For The Day
12. Long As She's Standing
13. Nobody Rules
14. Dirty Money

1. Clobberin' Time
2. Injustice System
3. Sanctuary
4. Scratch The Surface
5. Us vs. Them
6. The Deal
7. Just Look Around
8. Ratpack
9. World Full Of Hate
10. Pushed Too Far
11. GI Joe Headstomp
12. Never Measure Up
13. Chip Away
14. Busted
15. Locomotive
16. My Life
17. Friends Like You
18. Relentless
19. No Labels
20. Built To Last
21. Clobberin' Time (KRS-One Civilisation mix)

1. Sound The Alarm
2. 2061
3. Road Less Traveled
4. Get Bronx
5. Part Of History
6. Losing War
7. Never Back Down
8. Facing The Abyss
9. Act Your Rage
10. Disconnect Your Flesh
11. Beltway Getaway
12. Sidelined
13. Outgunned
14. Dnc
15. Stand Down
16. With All Disrespect

1. When The Smoke Clears
2. Black Venom
3. Doomed Campaign
4. Blood & Steel
5. Fortress

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

In Loving Memory

"What a loss to spend that much time with someone, only to find out that she's a stranger". Just like the endless supply of Eternal Sunshine quotes, there is no shortage of bands to commemorate today. Though skramz is for lovers, there is no happy here. Exactly four years ago today, this little tradition began, where each Valentine's Day a band is posted to sadgasm to. It started with The Saddest Landscape, then it was iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook, then You And I, then Love Lost But Not Forgotten, and this year (as you probably already guessed), it's In Loving Memory. We started from the bottom, and have continued to sink lower into a pit of self-imposed loneliness, depression and despair.

In Loving Memory was a six-piece screamo band from Des Moines, Iowa that lasted from 1998 to 2001. Though I usually like to give more background to a band, anything that needs to be said about them has already been documented to perfection in this blog post on Iowa Hardcore. It provides a full, detailed account of the band's members, history, and also includes links to their discography. I'm just going to touch upon their sound. The band played a frantic and frenzied form of hardcore/screamo that was influenced by all this genre's legends, including Saetia and Jeromes Dream. They also shared a guitarist with The Spirit Of Versailles, another classic band. They also had two vocalists providing dual male/female vocals, which was a major factor in this cathartic chaos that they created. Their lyrics were personal, albeit brief snippets of poetry that leave the listener to fill in the blanks with their own reflections.

 In Loving Memory's recorded output was very small, with only two splits and one full-length (titled As Years Pass And Feel Like Seconds) being put out, and one of those splits featured tracks also on the full-length. Those are available over at Iowa Hardcore, which is the blog link I provided earlier, so full credit where credit is due. What I have here is the proper release of their full discography, which was put out in 2012 by Init Records. These recordings have been remastered, so the quality's a lot better, and you can really hear the complete chaos this band had to offer. Keep this shit on repeat today, cry if you like, indulge in your lonely estate and just know by next year it won't get better. Happy V-Day. Enjoy.

1. This Is Ours
2. Who You Enthrall
3. Moments Like These
4. Open The Door For Me
5. The Choice Has Always Been Yours
6. There's So Much To Say
7. I Burned It Down
8. Caught Up In The Most Simple Of Things
9. Remember
10. Tonight I Scream
11. Song #1
12. Song #2
13. Song #3
14. Song #4

Monday, 13 February 2017

Ritual Mess

Ritual Mess are a four-piece screamo band from Amherst, Massachusetts that first started in 2009. This band features three members that used to be in the legendary Orchid (and two currently in Ampere, with guitarist Will Killingsworth being the common factor in all bands). As expected, this shit is amazing. Taking influence from the Gravity Records roster, Ritual Mess plow through minute-long songs with the same grinding vigor they did over ten years ago. I'm not sure if they're still really active. Regardless, we've got an EP and LP from them, both out on Clean Plate Records, which is Will Killingsworth's own label. And before anyone mentions this, I'm aware that the picture above is of Jayson Greene in his Orchid days. I couldn't find a new picture of this band, so I'm reusing the Orchid one. Deal with it. Enjoy.

1. F+
2. Pig Island
3. Gnomes Of Zurich

1. Actualize The Taste
2. Formal Apology
3. #7
4. The Last Shout
5. Emma
6. Prison Too
7. Ritual Blood Pact
8. Interiors
9. Screw The Strand
10. Vile Art
11. Wasting

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Heart On My Sleeve

Heart On My Sleeve are a five-piece screamo band from Stockholm, Sweden that have been around since 2010. They were formed by former members of another fantastic band, The Hope And The Failure. Heart On My Sleeve play emotionally impassioned music that features some tortured vocals and heavy post-rock influence in the instrumentals. In particular, their last LP In The Midst of Hope and Nothingness is definitely recommended, both for its concept and incredible music. This is definitely recommended for fans of more melodic screamo. Enjoy.

1. Control Alt Delete
2. Heart On Her Sleeve
3. Blood And Wine
4. Linguistic Cure

1. Heart On My Sleeve - Assassin Limp-wristed and Shy
2. Heart On My Sleeve - Carry On Carry Me
3. состояние птиц - IX
4. состояние птиц - X
5. состояние птиц - XI

1. Forever Summer
2. Today Is The Day
3. Bitter Verses
4. Without Scaffolding

1. Cavalcades - Distort
2. Cavalcades - Morning Eyes
3. Coma Regalia - What It Costs
4. Coma Regalia - What It's Worth
5. Heart On My Sleeve - A Fabrication Of Life
6. Heart On My Sleeve - Petticoat In Ashes

1. Totem Skin - Along The Lines Of Nature
2. Totem Skin - Totem Skin - To Live Is To Be Hunted
3. Heart On My Sleeve - For That Feeling That Never Came

1. This Failure Is Not On Me
2. So I Ran With Scissors
3. Vicious Circles
4. What Doesn't Kill You (Will Damage You)
5. He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
6. A Tale Of Two Hearts
7. In The Beauty Of It All
8. Home Is Where The Hurt Is
9. I Hate It When You're Here, But I Miss You When You're Gone

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Fucking Invincible

Fucking Invincible are a five-piece hardcore/powerviolence band from Providence, Rhode Island that got started in 2012. Since then, they've pounded out release after release of dirty, distorted, and heart-pummelling hardcore with a clear powerviolence influence and a slight hint of grindcore. This band also shares members with Daughters and Dropdead, which should be a clear indication as to why Fucking Invincible are fucking incredible. They also put on a killer live set, so get into this shit. Enjoy.

1. Shithouse
2. No Skin
3. Meeting With Subtraction Commitee
4. Ginsberg

1. Hellbound Heart
2. Unpopular Bible Verse
3. Illogical, Imperfect
4. Anti-Tomorrow
5. Death Defier
6. The Skeleton Fucker
7. Poison Eyed Deer
8. Violent Screaming Delusions

1. Please Await Further Instruction
2. Too Much Black
3. Ingested And Infested
4. Coffin Chaser
5. On Paper
6. The Both Of Us Are Dying
7. A Coma
8. Standing Perfectly Still

1. Not What You Are
2. Dead Dogs
3. Ape As Man/Man Ape
4. All Good Things...
5. The Brotherhood of Unfulfilled Early Promise
6. Josephine
7. Why Keep Score
8. The World Keeps Turning
9. By Proxy
10. Inconsistent and Indifferent
11. Followed By The Sea
12. Open All Night
13. Progress Trap
14. Nothing, No One

1. Cross / Uncross
2. Conflict Recital
3. Under The Sun
4. Ditched
5. Feeder
6. Like A Child
7. No Exit
8. Get It Wrong

1. Fucking Invincible - Buy Or Die
2. Fucking Invincible - More Death
3. Fucking Invincible - Blessing / Curse
4. Fucking Invincible - Divisive Scum
5. Fucking Invincible - Cut Out
6. Lifespite - Blown To Shreds
7. Lifespite - Pray For Nothing
8. Lifespite - One By One