Thursday, 26 March 2020

Slow Fire Pistol

Slow Fire Pistol are a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from Atlanta, Georgia that began in 2016. They feature ex-members of Foundation, but stand on their own in the excellence in the current screamo/hardcore hybrid, especially through a recent split with the you-already-know awesome Portrayal of Guilt. Slow Fire Pistol certainly hold their own prior to that, with an insane discography to this date of all hits no misses, one I cannot recommend enough. Enjoy.

1. Place In The Sun
2. Last Waking Moment
3. Crushing The Word Numb In Your Fingertips

1. So Called Power
2. Manipulation 101
3. Below The Bottom
4. Month Waiting Game

1. An Epilogue
2. A Coke And A Smile
3. Flower For My Mother
4. Beauty
5. Words
6. A Life Worth Knowing

2. Mask
3. Circle And Squares
4. A Love That Leaves You With Nothing
5. Give Me Back My Time
6. Sanctioned Killing

1. Portrayal Of Guilt - The End Of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth
2. Slow Fire Pistol - Heart Of Discernment

The Newfound Interest In Connecticut

The Newfound Interest In Connecticut were a post-rock/post-hardcore/emo band from Toronto, Ontario that were around from at least 2002 to 2005-ish. I can't find too much info on this band, so if anyone knows anything please do feel free to share. Additionally, they apparently put out a split and EP prior to the sole full-length they are best known, but I can't find any of those. Thus, we've got just the LP here. It's a unique collection of songs, to say the least. They fall somewhere in between Godspeed You! Black Emperor, On The Might Of Princes, and The Microphones, with some definite midwest emo background influence. Despite those comparisons, the band really does stand out on their own, without contemporaries. Tell Me About The Long Dark Path Home is meant for cold nights, and will appeal to fans of drawn-out atmospheric build-ups, math-y rhythms, and dynamic sung/spoken/screamed vocals. Enjoy.

1. The Computers Stopped Exchanging Information
2. And Started Sharing Stories
3. And Then They Kissed
4. Okay, You Can Be Tigers, But No Crashing
5. Five Years Of Work And We Built That Song
6. And It Sings For Itself
7. I Can Hear Your Footsteps Just Outside Camp - Sah, Sah, Sah...
8. I Can See Your Breath Rising In The Air
9. On My Back Watching The Northern Lights Recede
10. The Arctic Circle

Frances Quinlan

Frances Quinlan is an indie rock singer/songwriter best known as being the founding member and primary songwriter of Hop Along. Earlier this year she released her debut solo LP on Saddle Creek Records. As expected, her powerhouse voice and incredible lyrical abilities are on full display, while the guitar-heavy sound of Hop Along are put on the backburner in favour of some more varied instrumentals. She has an incredible knack for crafting pop songs that teeter the line of simplicity and intricacy, and any new material from her is more than welcome. It's unique enough to set itself apart from her previous work, though I would still highly recommend any Hop Along fan give this a listen if you haven't heard it yet. Enjoy.

1. Piltdown Man
2. Your Reply
3. Rare Thing
4. Detroit Lake
5. A Secret
6. Went To LA
7. Lean
8. Now That I'm Back
9. Carry The Zero (Built to Spill cover)

Friday, 28 February 2020


Gulch are a five-piece hardcore band from Santa Cruz, California that have been around since at least 2016, thought its members have been active in tons of local bands prior. They came together to create some of the most unhinged and unpredictable hardcore in recent years, taking on a blend of metallic hardcore and death metal influence to create chaos in its purest form. Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath is a virtually perfect EP, and a good jumping off point to get into one of the most explosive bands around. From the looks of their live shows, they are front runners in setting the bar for hardcore this decade, so I am more than pumped to see what they do next. Enjoy.

1. Lie, Deny, Sanctify
2. Eco-terror
3. Monolith

1. Contemplate/Enact
2. Flesh Pursuit
3. Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath
4. R.S.A.
5. E.P.T.S.
6. Gruel For The Beast

1. Cries of Pleasure, Heavenly Pain
2. Self-Inflicted Mental Terror

The High Cost Of Playing God

The High Cost Of Playing God are a four-piece metalcore band from Austin, Texas that have been around since at least 2019. They recently dropped a four-track EP with notable influence coming from early era Converge (as the band name would suggest). They pull off this sound flawlessly while keeping it fresh and avoid the trappings of direct derivativeness. Definitely recommend for fans of classic 90's metalcore. Enjoy!

1. The Leech

1. Judge, Jury, Executioner
2. Sanity
3. Better Method
4. Release

Friday, 21 February 2020

Amber Inn

Amber Inn were a four-piece emo/hardcore band from Sacramento, California that were around from 1994 to 1998. They were foundational in the dark and dynamic Dischord-influenced hardcore scene that's now better known as "emo". Taking their cues from Fugazi, and along with contemporaries Indian Summer, Amber Inn ripped through songs of octave-chord and dissonant messes, shouted vocals, heavy bass, tense rhythms, and the loud/quiet Slint sound. They were one of the earlier Ebullition Records bands, and one of the many flagship bands that label put out. Their sole LP, All Roads Lead Home is one of the greatest documents in 90's emo, and was later re-released to function as a discography album, including all their released material (which was mostly put out on 7"'s). Enjoy.

1. Leave With Dignity
2. Shouldering Reflex
3. A Thousand Spotlights
4. Sandpaper My Eyes
5. The Inherent Purity Of Rain In May
6. This Is Not An Entrance
7. Salvage Mission
8. The Sky Is Blue
9. Life Instantaneous
10. Through The Blinds
11. Out Like Irsay
12. Serenity In Hand
13. Wednesday Streak
14. Winter She Whispered
15. Hint Taken
16. Dead Calm
17. Martyr Complex
18. With Regrets
19. Flamingo Stance

Friday, 14 February 2020

Harrison Bergeron

"Come back and make up a goodbye at least, let's pretend we had one." Would the year be complete without a reminder of your inconsolable loneliness? Absolutely not, thus we end up back here on Valentine's Day with another lonely hearts club band. Since 2013, this dismal day has been spent with the screamiest of bands and Sunshine-iest of quotes to pour all your empty sorrows into. It's a day to reflect on the absolute nothingness that has continued to fester since all of this got started. This year's saddition is Harrion Bergeron, which I have sorely neglected in posting thus far, but thankfully "Darkness Washed Over The Dude" was meant to be this year's sadgasm anthem. I'll also include all previous entries in the comments if rock bottom wasn't low enough.

Harrison Bergeron were a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania screamo/emo band that were around from 2005 to 2006. They played a blend of classic screamo in the vein of Saetia and Neil Perry, with a hint of midwestern emo, making them semi-comparable to Make Me. They later went all-out in the emo vein, with members of Harrison Bergeron later playing in seminal bands Street Smart Cyclist and Boy Problems. Thought they never received tons of attention, their sole EP Dead Bergeron has been consistently passed around the webs of the internet, never letting it die out, and for good reason. This is a collection of fantastic tracks full of raw, unhinged goodness. I'm not even sure if it was ever officially released, but thankfully it's emerged more intact than your shattered heart, and meant to be played at full volume on this despised day. Just remember, things won't get better. Don't enjoy.

1. Undead and Undone/To The Basement
2. Instrumental
3. Like Lightning, Six Billion Strong
4. Darkness Washed Over The Dude
5. Kick It To The Curb
6. Speak On It

Thursday, 13 February 2020

The End Of The Century Party

The End Of The Century Party were a four-piece screamo/hardcore band from Tampa, Florida that began in 1993 and broke up in 1999. They released one LP and a handful of 7"'s, which is pretty standard for a band in the scene they were kicking around in (which is the same scene that birthed Palatka. They were one of the earliest examples of emoviolence, a sound blended hardcore (and what would later become "screamo") with powerviolence influences, making their songs incredibly short, sharp and spastic outings. All their material was compiled on a discography release in 2004, which is what's below. Enjoy.

1. Isn't It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain
2. Crash Course In Fatherhood
3. Ask My Exorcist Or School Psychiatrist
4. Become A Part, Come Apart
5. The Only Reason You Say You're A Vampire Is Because Werewolves And Frankenstein Don't Get Laid
6. Swear The Barrel
7. Devolution Defined
8. With Breakfast In The Morning
9. People Aint No Damn Good And Shit
10. Everything Stops
11. 102
12. Always On The Outskirts, Enthusiastically Missing The Point
13. Circles Gather
14. With No Regard
15. They Built A City Out Of Radish Dust
16. Knocked Into Place
17. Clean Shot
18. Filed
19. I'm Your Pusher
20. So Long
21. Hope Me Blind
22. Childhood Hopes (Of Self Defense)
23. Older Than Dead
24. Convenience Store Regular
25. Let Me Go
26. Only Attempt
27. Preserving Shit
28. Spermy
29. Centralized Knowledge
30. Numb
31. So Long (Demo)
32. Only Attempt (Demo)
33. Centralized Knowledge (Demo)

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Home Is Where

Home Is Where are a four piece emo/indie band from Palm Coast, Florida that have been around since 2017. Above all, they a testimony to emo's constant relentless revitalization. This band takes its cues from early midwest/revival and skramz bands (with some notable The Brave Little Abacus influence) and blends it seamlessly with elements of folk (harmonica included). Their energy is fantastic, songwriting is top notch, and they bring a newness to a nostalgic familiarity that reminds you why you got into this genre in the first place. Thanks to Nick for introducing me to these guys, and enjoy.

1. alabama / henry

1. alabama
2. venison
3. alsace-lorraine
4. dob bylan
5. cicada summer (we were on the roof when the ufo's came)


Glassing are three-piece post-hardcore/post-rock/blackgaze band from Austin, Texas that have been around since 2015. They put out their most recent LP, Spotted Horse in May of last year, and this could very well been my most slept-on release of 2019. This album is immense, with so many sonic highs and lows with a seamless dynamic range. Influences come from all sorts of places, notably post-hardcore and black metal (particularly the tremolo picking and blast beats) for the more aggressive parts. They can just as easily take a melodic, atmospheric post-rock to the more ambient parts of songs and entire tracks. Take "A Good Death" as an example, with its slow build, ethereal shoegaze-esque vocals in the middle, and its finale of cathartic screaming and athletic drumming.

I'm not too sure what else to say except this band has blown me away with the clear musical inclination they show, and their ability to build epics through a litany of source material. Not to much the clear instrumental prowess and absolutely flooring vocal deliveries. This is blissful heaviness at its finest, and I only wish I had heard this sooner. Enjoy.

1. Life Wrecker
2. Human Height
3. Safe Hate
4. Jorogumo
5. Heavy Donor
6. Swathe And Spume
7. Berlunga
8. Memorial

1. When You Stare
2. Sleeper
3. Lobe
4. Coven
5. A Good Death
6. Bronze
7. Follow Through
8. Fatigue
9. Way Out
10. The Wound Is Where The Light Enters