Thursday, 21 June 2018


Outburst are a five-piece straight edge hardcore band from New York City that were originally around from 1987 to 1989, but have been playing shows again since 2017. They put out a demo (recorded by Don Fury), a few comp tracks, and one 7" during their initial run together. Since then, Outburst have been incredibly influential (notably on bands like Fury and Soul Search, among others). Their sound is distinctly NYHC, but they don't quite sound like Agnostic Front, or something like that. They've got a uniquely aggressive sound, with blunt lyrics and booming instrumentals. In addition to what's below, you can also grab some live sets from there over at Blogged & Quartered here. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Learn To Care
3. Think For Yourself
4. Mission Impossible
5. Mad At The World
6. True
7. Outro

5. The Hardway
6. Thin Ice
7. Controlled

Note: Outburst tracks only

1. No Choice
2. When Things Go Wrong
3. Thin Ice
4. Misunderstood
5. Miles To GO
6. S.G.I.
7. Mission Impossible

Monday, 18 June 2018

Commander Salamander

Commander Salamander are a three-piece band from Washington, DC that (presumably) formed in 2017. I don't even know where to start with this band. They're kinda punk, kinda screamo, kinda emo, kind of all of the above and kind of none of the above. Either way, they're a good time with an awesome sound & energy. They dropped a solid EP last year, which poses the age old question "what the fuck rhymes with Fugazi?" and have their debut full-length due out this month. Based on the two promo tracks they've dropped, it's safe to say it'll knock some socks off. Enjoy.

1. Skeletor's Revenge
2. Lord, Beer Me Strength
3. Really Expensive Toss
4. Yr Not Ramona Flowers, Yr Knives Chau
5. Its Mario Kart, Not Mario Cart
6. Gross October

1. Lord Beer Me Strength (Live)
2. Really Expensive Toss (Live)
3. Mario Kart (Live)
4. Gross October (Live)
5. Ramona//Knives (Live)

1. Pamela
2. Skramton, PA

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Just Friends

Just Friends are a 10-piece punk/funk band from California that formed in 2013. Thus far, they've dropped an EP and a very recent full-length of catchy, energetic punk, complete with brass instrumentation, funky riffs, and touches of jazz and R&B. They find a middle ground between Bomb The Music Industry! and early Red Hot Chili Peppers, with a definite emo influence coming through. It's definitely a unique sound, with a collective feel-good vibe. Their debut full-length, Nothing But Love was just released by Counter Intuitive. It features an eclectic mix of tracks, with some immediate standouts such as "Never Gonna Bring You Down", "I Wanna Love You", "Sick Of It All", and "Worry". It's an incredible album, and absolutely recommended. Enjoy.

1. Shots Fired
2. Ryerson
3. Welcome Mats
4. Move 2 Miami
5. Bad Weather II
6. Graduate
7. Paint
8. Normal Me
9. Home Forever
10. Dublin, CA

1. Bang My Line
2. Nothing But Love
3. Keep Up

1. 1-800-CHOP-CITY
2. Never Gonna Bring You Down
3. Keep Up
4. Supersonic
5. Flex
6. I Wanna Love You
7. 107.7 KJFC
8. Get Down (feat. Caliph)
9. Nothing But Love
10. Sick Of It All
11. Bang My Line II
12. Faucet
13. Worry

Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Cardboard Swords

The Cardboard Swords are a four-piece indie/emo band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that formed in 2014. A year later, they signed to Count Your Lucky Stars and released a 4-way split and their debut LP with the label. Fast-forward to 2018, and they're back with their sophomore LP, Once More, There Is Nothing Left To Figure Out. The Cardboard Swords play an interesting blend of indie and emo, featuring clean guitars, personal lyrics, and melancholic pop melodies. Fans of a variety of bands, including Marietta, Mom Jeans., The Front Bottoms, Grown Ups, Free Throw and Manchester Orchestra will definitely see the appeal in this band. Enjoy.

1. (S)He Said
2. Nickels
3. Cardigan
4. Flannel (Spoken Word)
5. Remnants Of My Garden

1. Dowsing - Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades, & Even More Blades)
2. The Cardboard Swords - How I Met Your Dragon Mother
3. Long Knives - Thaw
4. Sinai Vessels - I Quit The Choir

1. (S)He Said
2. Brian's Song
3. Flannel
4. Exit 47A
5. Cardigan
6. Your Dad Is Kirk Hammett?
7. A Year From Now
8. Nickels
9. I Swear I'm Usually Pretty Good At This
10. Remnants

1. (S)He Said
2. Flannel
3. How I Met Your Dragon Mother
4. Bloody Nose
5. Brian's Song
6. Cardigan

1. I Don't Wanna
2. Disposable
3. I Admit
4. Worse Moments
5. Bloody Nose
6. Odd Dates
7. Hell No
8. BrekFEST
9. Rejuvenation

Rained In

Rained In are a five-piece hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2018. They put out a 5-track demo a few months back. The band was formed by members of Vanna and Cruel Hand, with Derek from Defeater on vocals, who sounds absolutely vicious here. Sonically, they don't really sound like an exact replica of any of their projects, they're more in the vein of Blacklisted, or something like that. Either way, this demo rips, and hopefully we'll be getting more material from them soon. Enjoy.

1. Love Sick
2. AM Gold
3. Loose Ends
4. Call It In The Air
5. Coil

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Inside Out

Inside Out were a four-piece straight edge hardcore punk band from Orange County, California that formed in 1988 and broke up in 1991. They only released one EP, No Spiritual Surrender, which came out in 1990 on Revelation Records. The original vinyl release contained only four tracks, but subsequent CD and cassette releases contained two extra tracks ("Sacrifice" and "Redemption"). Though definitely a hardcore punk band at heart, they also contained some elements of crossover trash influence, thus the often-cited comparisons to bands like D.R.I. or Sick Of It All.

Perhaps what's most discussed about Inside Out (besides their phenomenal EP) is its alumni. Most notably, their vocalist was Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine. Funnily enough, the name of the next Inside Out album was supposed to be Rage Against The Machine, but they broke up before that could ever happen. Thus, the name was used for his new band, which formed immediately after. Additionally, Inside Out's guitarist was Vic DiCara, best known for his work with legends such as 108, Beyond, Burn, and Shelter. The band also shared members with a laundry list of other bands, including Chain Of Strength, Gorilla Biscuits, Justice League, Wool, Smile, Pitchfork, Hardstance, and Forced Down, among others. This is definitely an essential hardcore release, so get on it. Enjoy.

1. Burning Fight
2. Undertone
3. By A Thread
4. No Spiritual Surrender
5. Sacrifice
6. Redemption

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Kid, Feral

Kid, Feral are a three-piece screamo band from Skövde, Sweden that formed in 2016. Thus far, they've released a demo and a semi-recent LP, put out by two incredible labels (Emo Cat Records and Dog Knights Production, respectively). They play with an incredible mesh of sounds, including shimmering guitar tones, distorted bass lines, chaotic rhythms, and visceral, piercing vocal screams, mixed in with experimental interludes to break up the skramz party.

Their debut full-length, Live and Let's Die! is a must-listen for screamo fans in 2018, this is definitely one of the most varied and exciting releases in recent history. Also, as OMSB pointed out, the Billy Werner/Saetia comparison in the vocal delivery is uncanny, which is certainly high praise. Highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Like it or not, we're the only game in town
2. Blue eyes white dragon (I'll close my eyes and imagine)

Note: Cassette available from Emo Cat Records here

1. So Much Money in the $kramz Game
2. Sensory Overload in the Afterclass Bathroom
3. Permanently Stuck in Small Town Limbo
4. Where You End Up Is Not Who You Are
5. This System Is a Bunch of Baloney
6. Listen Up You Nazi Fucks
7. Firedragon3651 Logs Out for Good
8. The Smallest of Intermissions
9. Quit Without Saving? (Y/N)

Note: Vinyl available from Dog Knights Productions here: EUINTL

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Downcast were a four-piece hardcore band from Goleta, California that were around in the early 90's (unclear exactly what years). They played a riff-heavy intensive style of hardcore similar to contemporaries such as Inside Out and Struggle. They also contained elements of metallic hardcore, particularly in the riffs and throat-burning vocals. Downcast were one of the earliest bands on the legendary Ebullition Records, with their 7" being the label's first release ever, and their LP followed soon after. Enjoy.

1. Hate Comes Easy
2. Schedule
3. Lie
4. Force

1. Everything
2. See
3. They Are Not
4. Lie
5. Schedule
6. Paradox
7. From You And Me

1. System
2. De-Recognized
3. Paradox
4. From You And Me
5. In This Land
6. Grace
7. They Are Not
8. See
9. Privilege
10. Hope

Monday, 4 June 2018

Formerly Bodies

Formerly Bodies is an indie project created by singer-songwriter Hannah Weir, from Lansing, Michigan. She's only put out one EP thus far, but the three tracks on it are nothing short of incredible. Sonically, they are very ambient and haunting, featuring slow, reverb-soaked chords and arpeggios accompanying her vocals. It can definitely draw strong comparisons to Julien Baker, both for the incredible songwriting talent and the somber atmosphere created. Definitely recommended. Enjoy.

1. Mind Games
2. Comfy Cozy Song
3. First of May

Sunday, 3 June 2018


I know I've been neglecting the pop punk fans on here, so here's a decent one for ya. Bearings are a four-piece pop punk band from Ottawa, Ontario that have been around since 2014. They play a brand of pop punk that fans of bands like Seaway and Knuckle Puck will undoubtedly dug. They're currently signed to Pure Noise, and have their debut full-length coming out later this year. Enjoy.

1. Constant State
2. Up All Night
3. Secret's Safe
4. Dead Weight
5. Hollow

1. Indecision
2. What's Best For You...
3. Absent

1. Petrichor
2. Spent
3. Letters Home
4. North Hansen
5. Makeshift