Saturday, 18 November 2017


Gatecreeper are a four-piece death metal band from various parts of Arizona that formed in 2013. They haveve been putting out a steady slew of material ever since, with their fantastic debut full-length coming out last year on Relapse. Stylistically, they take influence from old school death metal essentials such as Entombed and Dismember, with a modern take on that classic sound that fans of bands like Black Breath and Mammoth Grinder will undoubtedly dig. Enjoy.

1. Void Below
2. Force Fed
3. Overdose
4. Slave

2. Gatecreeper - Poisoned Mind

Note: Gatecreeper track only

1. Gatecreeper - All Your Sins
2. Young And In The Way - Solitude

1. Gatecreeper - Carved Into Stone
2. Homewrecker - Perpetrators Of Annihilation
3. Outer Heaven - Death Worship
4. Scorched - Autopsy Incomplete

Sonoran Depravation (2016)
1. Craving Flesh
2. Sterilized
3. Desperation
4. Rotting As One
5. Stronghold
6. Patriarchal Grip
7. Lost Forever
8. Flamethrower
9. Grotesque Operations

Unleashed In The Middle East (Live) (2016)
1. Craving Flesh
2. Sterilized
3. Desperation
4. Flamethrower
5. Patriarchal Grip
6. Rotting As One
7. Stronghold

Sweltering Madness (2017)
1. Sweltering Madness
2. Mastery Of Power


Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Rorschach were a five-piece hardcore band from New Jersey that were initially around from 1989 to 1993, before reuniting for some shows between 2009 and 2012. They were one of the earliest bands to really blend hardcore and metal together, which would be an undeniable influence on the development of metalcore/metallic hardcore, particularly in the case of Converge. Rorschach's music took the fast-paced aggressiveness of hardcore, and the heavy, dissonant riffs of metal, and fused the two together to create this entire other beast of a sound. To top it off, their vocals are shrieked and howled in the vein of a wounded animal, a clear predecessor to many bands to come. They released two incredible albums in their time (Remain Sedate and Protestant), as well as an EP and a handful of splits. All their material was compiled in 1995 on Autopsy, which is what I have below. Enjoy.

1. Pavlov's Dogs
2. In The Year Of Our Lord
3. Someone (Duke Ellington cover)
4. Impressions (Erroll Garner cover)
5. Clenching
6. So It Goes (Nick Lowe cover)
7. Lightning Strikes Twice
8. No One Dies Alone
9. My Minds A Vice (And It's Being Cranked Real Tight)
10. Checkmate
11. Exist
12. Oppress
13. Brainhandle
14. Hardware (Septic Death cover)
15. Bone Marrow Biopsy
16. Laryngitis
17. Synthetic Intelligience
18. 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson cover)
19. Mandible
20. In Ruins
21. Traditional
22. Dawn and Quartered
23. Shanks
24. Recurring Nightmare #105
25. Blinders
26. Hemlock Grove
27. Raw Nerve
28. Skin Culture
29. Cut The Wheel
30. Ornaments
31. My War (Black Flag cover)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Portrayal Of Guilt

Portrayal Of Guilt are a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from Austin, Texas that formed in a year I am unaware of, thought presume it was quite recent. Earlier this year, they put out their debut EP with the help of Deathwish, which is an absolute must-listen. They blend the dark, aggressive sensibilities of blackened hardcore with the chaotic catharsis of bands like pg.99. These three tracks are incredible, and Portrayal Of Guilt are definitely a band to look out for, because I'm sure they're going to be making some waves. They're also on tour now, so check their dates to see if they're passing thru your hood. I can't recommend this enough. Enjoy.

1. Humanity Is Frail
2. The One
3. Mourning Ahead

1. Spiritual Cramp (Christian Death cover)

Friday, 10 November 2017

Starry Cat

Starry Cat was a short-lived project whose sole member was Sam Ray, better known as a member of Teen Suicide, Julia Brown, and Ricky Eat Acid. Initially, their sole album was released as a way to raise money to help with Caroline White's surgeries, who was also a member of Teen Suicide and Julia Brown. Post-surgery, this album still stands as another great piece of work in Sam's large output. Sonically, the lo-fi mopey pop songs will come as no surprise to fans of his other projects. I know this thing is old news by now, but if there's anyone who hasn't heard it yet, I'd highly recommend getting on it. Enjoy.

1. possession (quiet)
2. deserve
3. thanks
4. cool
5. you're the reason i believe in ghosts
6. happiness
7. bye
8. i think you're really beautiful
9. starry cat

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Can't Swim

Can't Swim are a five-piece pop punk/post-hardcore band from Keansburg, New Jersey that formed in 2015. Thus far they've put out an EP and full-length (both on Pure Noise), which have fast-tracked them to so massive attention. They play a slightly heavier, indie-centric brand of pop punk that still utilizes the energy, catchiness of its brand, though with a slightly less sunny disposition. Fans of bands like Boston Manor, Daisyhead, Have Mercy, Citizen, Trash Boat, and other like-minded bands will dig this, as I'm sure the many of you who requested them will. Enjoy.

1. Your Clothes
2. Come Home
3. Right Choice
4. Way It Was
5. Death Deserves A Name

1. What's Your Big Idea?
2. We Won't Sleep
3. $50,000,000
4. Friend
5. Quitting
6. Hey Amy
7. Stranger
8. One Shot
9. Kid
10. Show Me
11. Molly's Desk
12. All The Moves We Make Are In The Dark

Monday, 6 November 2017


Movements are a four-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Rancho Santa Margarita, California that formed in 2015. Following an EP that garnered a lot of attention, they released their debut full-length this year, put out by Fearless Records and recorded by none other than Will Yip. Instrumentally, the band makes full use of its dynamics, maintaining a dark-sounding base that intertwines between light, arpeggiated guitar parts and explosive climaxes. Vocally, they blend spoken word elements with catchy hooks, making a memorable delivery for their personal lyricism. Fans of Brand New descendants such as Balance & Composure, Seahaven, Citizen, etc. will probably dig this.

If there's anything else the've released that I'm missing, please let me know. In all honesty, I'm not too familiar with this band, but cannot deny the constant requests. Enjoy.

1. Protection

1. Kept
2. Nineteen
3. Worst Wishes
4. Hatches
5. Vacant Home
6. Losing Fight

1. Full Circle
2. Third Degree
3. Colorblind
4. Daylily
5. Deadly Dull
6. Fever Dream
7. Suffer Through
8. Deep Red
9. Under The Gun
10. Submerge
11. The Grey

Saturday, 4 November 2017


Faraquet were a three-piece post-hardcore band from Washington, DC that were around from 1997 to 2001, and played a few reunion shows in 2007. They were a Dischord band, which definitely shows in their sound. Faraquet take the foundation that bands like Fugazi laid, and spun it in their own direction. Instrumentally, they explored complex rhythms, odd chord structures, and off-kilter melodies. In many instances, they border on math rock with some hints of jazz influence. They display some incredible musicianship in creating a unique sound, that fans of the Dischord roster will still surely dig. Only one full-length album was ever released, 2000's The View From This Tower, which contains all their essential tracks. They also released a small amount of singles and one split prior to their full-length, all of which were included in a compilation released in 2008. Enjoy.

1. Cut Self Not
2. Carefully Planned
3. The Fourth Introduction
4. Song For Friends To Me
5. Conceptual Separation of Self
6. Study In Complacency
7. Sea Song
8. The View From This Tower
9. The Missing Piece

1. Parakeet
2. Um Die Ecke
3. The Whole Thing Over
4. Call It Sane
5. Study In Movement
6. Yo-Yo
7. Review
8. Rex
9. Conversations
10. Sea Song

Friday, 3 November 2017


iburiedyourflowers are a four-piece screamo band from Saint Catharines, Ontario that got started (presumably) earlier this year. They recently released their debut EP Love Is When You Leave, and this thing just shreds. It's the heroin to your intense sad jams fix. These 6 tracks play out with as much overblown melancholy as you can imagine, creating some truly incredible songs in the process, blending the pulsating energy of hardcore, the jagged, scorching vocals of screamo, and the melodic sensibilities of emo. They're pretty comparable to bands like Touché Amoré, as well as other modern screamo/hardcore blend bands. They've also got a lot of hints of the good ol' classic screamo shiz, such as You And I. Highly, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Standard Callback (No One Online)
2. A Bird in the Bush Usually Has a Friend in There With Him
3. Fix Your Heart Because Mine's Already </3
4. iburiedyourflowers
5. A Bittersweet Narrative
6. Love Is When You Leave

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me are a four-piece hardcore band from Pau, France that formed in 2010. The band pulls from some incredible sources of influence, mainly metallic hardcore in the vein of the Relapse Records roster, most notably The Dillinger Escape Plan, in addition to bands like Coalesce and Converge, among others. The technical riffs, off-kilter rhythms, and brutally guttural vocals are all trademarks of this sound. They also incorporate hints of sludge metal to drag listeners through the mud of their bone-chilling chaos. A 6-song LP was released earlier this month, and I can't recommend it enough for fans of older hardcore with a modern edge. Enjoy.

1. Poussière, c'est tout.

1. Toi et le monde
2. Absolescence

1. Le fils du pire des prédateurs - Clair
2. Le fils du pire des prédateurs - Obscur
3. Chien de nuit

Note: Split with Gerda, Dead Like Me tracks only

1. Seulement des corps entassés
2. À vomir des doutes et des plaintes
3. Les cerbères d'un temple oublié
4. Refléter le vide et son contraire
5. Nos corps s'épuisent et se déchirent
6. À terre, amas de rêves

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Small Brown Bike

Calm down, calm down, of course I'd eventually get to this request. Small Brown Bike are a four-piece post-hardcore/punk band from Marshall, Michigan that formed in 1996 and broke up in 2004. After a few reunion shows in 2007, they've been back permanently since 2009. They've put out three incredible full-lengths during their initial run, and one in 2011 post-reunion. This band's sound is somewhat hard to pin down on the post-hardcore spectrum, since they have find the exact line dividing melody and aggression. The dual vocals bounce between a gruff bark and background harmonies. Their interlocking guitar work can switch between heavy riffs and cathartic major chord strumming, with an incredibly tight rhythm section backing them up through all these shifts. Small Brown Bike possess an incredibly duality that very few bands in this corner of music can truly master (Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker are a couple of the other rare few that come to mind). Besides that, there's not much else to say about these things. They're an incredibly talented band with four fantastic full-lengths to indulge in, and a ton of deeper cuts for continued exploration. Enjoy.

1. The Cannons And Tanks
2. The Cold
3. Running, Swinging, And Sinking
4. Now And Forever
5. Expression Eraser
6. In Tune
7. Curiosity Killed The Cat, And I'm The Killed
8. Atlanta
9. Zerosum
10. Make This A Holiday

1. Like A Future With No Friend
2. Sleeping Weather
3. See You In Hell
4. The Vacuum
5. More Or Less
6. My Own Disaster
7. This Ship Will Burn
8. Hideaway
9. Unsung Zero
10. Kingfisher
11. I Will Bury You In Me

1. Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery - Wrong Hometown
2. Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery - Now I'm A Shadow
3. Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery - Under Pressure
4. Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery - Composing Myself (A Lullaby)
5. Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery - Boardinghouse
6. Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery - Riding With Death

Note: Collaborative album between both bands

1. Trains All Talk
2. Fami(Liar) To You
3. Blank Landscapes
4. So I Fall
5. A Table For Four

1. Deconstruct/Rebuild
2. Safe In Sound
3. A Declaration Of Sorts
4. Scream In The Silence
5. Day And Nightmares
6. Tragically Ending
7. Sincerely Yours
8. What's Missing Is Dead
9. The Outline Of Your Hand Still Remains On My Hand
10. A Lesson To Remember

1. When We Run
2. Hourglass

1. Some Optimistic
2. Never Walk This Alone

1. Onward And Overboard
2. Rescue Mission
3. Fell And Found (The Walk)
4. In Need Of Everything
5. As We Go
6. A Minor Movement
7. Sleep River Sleep
8. On Repeat
9. You Always Knew Me
10. Just Bones
11. All Of Us

1. Mouth of Madness
2. Dull Way Down
3. Take Care
4. Expecting Confidence
5. No Place Like You
6. Slow Time Suicide
7. Bad Anthem
8. The Twenty Sixth
9. Red Light
10. When Added Equals Three
11. Crossing Guard
12. Cold
13. Tough
14. Now I'm A Shadow (Alternate Version)
15. My Unanswered Whys
16. Still Ill
17. Count Backwards
18. Lantern
19. Thin Life Line
20. Mine Of You
21. Jailbreak
22. Hideaway (Demo)
23. World Caved In
24. So I Fall (Demo)
25. Secret Track
26. Unsung Zero (Alternate Version)
27. Blank Landscapes (Demo)
28. Wrong Hometown (Demo)
29. Familiar To You (Demo)
30. Atlanta (Demo)

Note: Album includes all tracks from original Collected, including their demo, early EP's, tracks from their Cursive split, in addition to compilation songs and unreleased tracks