Saturday, 21 January 2017

Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart were a piece emo/indie/post-hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 1997 and broke up in 2001. In their few years together, they managed to release two EP's, a split, and one phenomenal full-length. Unfortunately, I only have the full-length and one EP, so if anyone has the remaining split and EP, let me know! Thanks for helping me find the EP! Anyway, in regards to their sound, they played a clean, somber form of indie rock with very mellow chords and depressing lyrics. In terms of musical comparisons, you could say they were in the same lane as bands like Penfold, Christie Front Drive, or even The Appleseed Cast. However, what made Cross My Heart such a phenomenal band was that they didn't purely beat the listener with these overtly depressing subject matters. There was also this articulate aggression underlining their music, giving their material a multi-faceted emotional level. Not to mention, they crafted some catchy melodies and riffs. Basically, if you're looking for something in terms of emo-tinged indie rock, this is it. Enjoy.

1. Dornier
2. It Doesn't Take That Many Pills To Sleep Forever
3. Today I Discovered The World
4. Determination
5. Track Five
6. Secret To Tell
7. The Hypnotist

1. No Give Backs
2. Are You Still Happy?
3. Destination Eventually Somewhere
4. The Reason I Failed History

1. The Great Depression
2. Tonight We'll Light Ourselves On Fire
3. Paris
4. London Bridge
5. With Bells On
6. Infinity Doesn't Live Here Anymore
7. Self-Loathing Bastard
8. Angels & Gargoyles
9. How Slowly We Forget

Friday, 20 January 2017

Louise Cyphre

Louise Cyphre were a four-piece screamo band from Germany that were around from 1999 to 2007. Their name is probably familiar, since they are probably one of the best and most influential "skramz" bands ever. Fans of that chaotic, noisy emo-violence sound will basically worship this band, and for good reason. I don't have to say much else, really. If you like dark, spastic screamo, you'll love this shit. They released a discography LP which includes all they've done except their one track on the Emo Apocalypse comp (which was put out a year after their discog). I included the discography in addition to all their individual releases (except the demo, which is only on the discog). Members now play in Republic Of Dreams. Enjoy.

9. An Infinite Repetition of a Life Taking Instant
10. There's No Biz Like Your Showbiz

1. Der Co Ste Brumaire
2. KD Freital OP 2719
3. Viva La Danza, Viva La Rosa
4. "Alles Ist Gut"
5. Entrückt/Entzückt
6. Me And You And The CPU

1. Louise Cyphre - "Eh Bien, Mon Prince..."
2. Louise Cyphre - Quadratur Des Zirkels
3. Louise Cyphre - Ulbrich
4. Louise Cyphre - Ein/Aus Maschine
5. Louise Cyphre - Tabibuchua
6. Louise Cyphre - High Noon Am Abend
7. Louise Cyphre - Without Rhyme And Reason
8. Louise Cyphre - Shup Up!
9. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - My Old Friend Cancer
10. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - ...
11. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - Robogirl, Roboboy And The Avenger Of Blood
12. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - Zombie Lifetime Insurance
13. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - No28

1. Seelenhalma

1. La Quiete - Fai finta di non girarti
2. La Quiete - Cosmonauta Gigarin, non volarti indietro
3. La Quiete - Tutto Lasciato A Meta
4. La Quiete - Al citofono era Anthony Hopkins
5. Louise Cyphre - Revolver AKA Schall und Rauch
6. Louise Cyphre - For those about to destroy pigs
7. Louise Cyphre - In the end... everyone dies alone
8. Louise Cyphre - Your punk rock, our friendship
9. Louise Cyphre - Felicità

1. Louise Cyphre - Laut, Langsam
2. Louise Cyphre - Rendezvous With Tommy Gun
3. Louise Cyphre - 1000 Und Eine Nacht Der Lebenden Toten
4. Louise Cyphre - Poor Little Boy Stuffed In Drag/The Negative Energy Spectrum
5. Shikari - Verloren bij aanvang
6. Shikari - God Zij Geprezen
7. Shikari - Overwegingen
8. Shikari - Nooit te stoppen

1. Ganz Recht Nicht Schlecht
2. Willkommen Im Dschungel
3. Zappenduster
4. Klappe 1933. Szene "Stolz Wie Oskar, Dumm Wie Brot" Die 2te, Action
5. Johnnie Wayne Complex
6. Doppeldenk
7. An Infinite Repetition of A L
8. There's No Biz Like Your Show
9. Der Unendlichste Brumaire
10. KD Freital Op 2719
11. Viva La Danza, Viva La Rosa
12. "alles Ist Gut"
13. Entzückt/entrückt
14. Me and You and the CPU
15. Etcetera
16. "eh Bien, Mon Prince..."
17. Squaring the Circle
18. Ulbrich
19. On/off Machine
20. Tabibuchua
21. High Noon in the Evening
22. Without Rhyme and Reason
23. Shut Up!
24. Seelenhalma
25. Revolver A.K.A. Schall und Rauch
26. For Those About to Destroy Pigs
27. In the End...Everyone Dies Alone
28. Your Punkrock, Our Friendship
29. Felicità
30. Laut, Langsam: Schmierig Abga
31. Rendevouz with Tommy Gun
32. Truth?
33. 1000 und Eine Nacht Der Leben
34. Poor Little Boy Stuffed in Dr
35. The Negative Energy Spectrum

12. No Tears

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

June Paik

June Paik are a five-piece screamo/emo violence band from Munchen, Germany that's been around since 2004. Since then, they've become one of the most notable screamo acts in the past decade, and for good reason. What June Paik does best is take the core sound of hardcore/screamo, with its dark and chaotic assault, and expand it with lengthier, more droning musical passages. As opposed to the 30 second bursts of most bands within this genre, an average June Paik song can easily be as long as 8 minutes, with most songs averaging about 4 or 5 minutes. Keep in mind, the song lengths are not for the sake of length, but to build these songs into catharsis masterpieces. Also, some of their releases are titled as 7", 10", and 12", since they're all just self-titled, which is an online music library's personal hell. Regardless, enjoy.

1. Refractive
2. See A Bit Of Yourself, Travel For Oxygen
3. Klaus 5.0
4. Performers In Handing Out Quietness
5. Dread's Name
6. Swallow All; Runs Too Deep

1. Performers in Handing out Quietness
2. Refractive
3. Swallow All; It Runs Too Deep

1. Und Ureder
2. Aleska
3. Recherche
4. Echoes
5. Grobes Rund
6. Schmelzpunkt

1. June Paik - Pulsar
2. June Paik - Schlittschuhlaufen
3. Titan - His Eminence

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

1. Grenzwert

1. Elmsfeuer
2. Traufe
3. Mit Abstand
4. Auswurf

Cocoon (Evolution)

Left For Dead

Left For Dead were a metallic hardcore band from Hamilton, Ontario that were originally around from 1996-1998. Initially they were formed by members of another band called Chokehold, though the member of most note here is probably vocalist Chris Colohan. Besides Left For Dead, he was also in The Swarm, Burning Love, more recently Sect, and of course, the legendary Cursed. Left For Dead initially put out a few spits and one EP of dark, gritty hardcore, with Colohan's intensive vocals to top it off. Though they didn't last long, their legacy has stayed intact over the years. First, there was a reunion show in 2004. Then, a near complete discography was released in 2006 by Deranged Records. In 2013, the band actually reunited again for a few shows, as well as to record a new EP, simply titled 1. In addition to these, a new, remastered and comprehensive discography was released, which included all the band's recorded studio material prior to the new EP. I also included a compilation that was released back in 1998, which included all their material from various splits. It basically includes their discography (prior to the remastered version), and live tracks from a split they actually put out with Chokehold that weren't included on any subsequent compilations. Enjoy.

1. Eight Floors Above
2. Pulling Teeth
3. Six O'Clock
4. Plant The Seed
5. Ripped Up
6. Pliant
7. Who D'You Know?
8. Skin Graft
9. Second Guess
10. Nothing There
11. Kept In Line
12. Dirt
13. Didn't I
14. Left For Dead
15. A Nice Place To Raise Children
16. Standing By
17. Pliant (Live)
18. Who D'You Know? (Live)
19. Skin Graft (Live)
20. Second Guess (Live)
21. A Nice Place To Raise Children (Live)
22. Nothing There (Live)
23. Standing By (Live)
24. Kept In Line (Live)
25. Dirt (Live)
26. Didn't I (Live)
27. Left For Dead (Live)

1. Six O'Clock (V1)
2. Pliant
3. Who Do You Know?
4. Skin Graft
5. Second Guess
6. Nice Place To Raise Children
7. Nothing There
8. Standing By
9. Kept In Line
10. Dirt
11. Didn't I
12. Left For Dead
13. Eight Floors Above
14. Pulling Teeth
15. Six O'Clock (V2)
16. Plant The Seed
17. Ripped Up

1. Digital Pigs
2. Standin' By
3. Devil's Punchbowl
4. 1946
5. Cop Trap
6. Feeding Tube
7. Rival Leaders
8. Road Rash

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

His Hero Is Gone

His Hero Is Gone were a five-piece crust punk/sludge metal band from Memphis, Tennessee that were around from 1995 to 1999. These guys are usually heralded as being one of the best and most influential crust bands ever, and for good reason. They consistently pumped out track after track of dark, aggressive hardcore, which featured low-end heavy, sludgy guitars, and some manic, guttural vocals. For their short few years together, they managed to record a ton of material. Almost their entire discography is below here, so if there is anything I'm missing (such as comp tracks, etc.), please send them to me! Oh yeah, and a few of these guys were also in Tragedy. Enjoy.

1. Like Hell
2. View From A Holding Cell
3. Ghosts Of Regret
4. Re-Entry Explosion
5. The Oracle
6. Of Thieves
7. Descent
8. Thanking Your Lover In Sincerity
9. Bombs Away

Note: Demo Cassette

1. Professional Mind Fuckers
2. ...And We Burn
3. Unleash
4. Leash
5. Sterile Fortress
6. Good Samaritan
7. Hand That Feeds
8. Raindance
9. Voluntary
10. Anthem Of The Undesirables
11. Scalor
12. Concrete Cage
13. Abandoned
14. Thieves
15. The Result Of 11 Days In The Mental Hospital
16. Epidemic
17. Headcount
18. T-Minus Zero
19. Unvisited
20. Internally
21. Richter
22. Marry and Reproduce
23. The End Result of 11 Months In Prison
24. Skinfeast

Note: Tracks 1-15 are from the original LP, tracks 16-23 are from the EP The Dead Of Night In Eight Movements, and track 24 is from the compilation Complacency

1. Like Weeds
2. Monument To Thieves
3. Paranoia Secured
4. Carry On
5. Automation
6. Chavites
7. Chain Of Command
8. Headless / Heartless
9. Hinges
10. Sin & Vice
11. The Mess
12. Disease Of Ease
13. Under Watchful Eyes
14. Stacks
15. The Unwanted Child

1. His Hero Is Gone - Friendly Fire
2. His Hero Is Gone - Fool's Gold
3. His Hero Is Gone - Scare Tactic
4. His Hero Is Gone - Sound The Alarm
5. His Hero Is Gone - Becoming Soil
6. His Hero Is Gone - Raise The Curtain
7. Union Of Uranus - Backhand
8. Union Of Uranus - One Eye Strengthens
9. Union Of Uranus - Weight Of Tomorrow
10. Union Of Uranus - Equilibrate
11. Union Of Uranus - Pressure (Negative Approach cover)

1. Surrender
2. The Garden
3. What Goes Up
4. Remedy Past Remedies
5. Angry Gods
6. In The Red
7. Outside In
8. Who Benefits
9. The Willing Host
10. Enslavements Redefined
11. Birth
12. Scare Tactic
13. Sound The Alarm
14. Fool's Gold
15. Friendly Fire
16. Becoming Soil
17. Raise The Curtain
18. Novelty
19. Disinformation Age
20. Domesticated Breed
21. Ten Dollars A Day
22. Live February 1998

Note: Tracks 1-11 are from the original LP, tracks 12-17 from the Fool's Gold EP, tracks 18-21 were previously unreleased, and track 22 is a live set from 1998


Sect are a five-piece hardcore band that got their start last year, in 2016. This band has gained immediate attention due to its notoriety as a "supergroup" or sorts. The band consists of vocalist Chris Colohan (of Cursed, Burning Love, Left For Dead, and more), guitarist James Chang (of Catharsis), guitarist Scott Crouse and bassist Ian Edwards (both from Earth Crisis), and drummer Andy Hurley (best known from Fall Out Boy). Like many of their previous bands, Sect take a strong political stance, and are an established vegan straight edge band. Their self-released debut album was dropped last year, and features 10 tracks of unrelentingly pissed off material, a knee-jerk reaction to the perceived despair of current affairs. Sect's cred and talent clearly comes from their prior projects, but their innate frustration is built in to their modern existence. Or something. To cut the shit short, these guys are an incredibly aggressive vegan straight edge hardcore band. Enjoy.

1. Curfew
2. Death Dealer
3. Scourge Of Empire
4. Seventh Extinction
5. Interference
6. All Or Nothing
7. Rendition
8. Fend
9. Total Void
10. Sinking


Nihilist were a five-piece death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden that were around from 1987 to 1989. Nihilist are perhaps best known as being the band that would eventually change their name and become known as the legendary Entombed. However, in the first few years of their existence, up until Entombed's debut Left Hand Path, most of these guys recorded a handful of demos and one 7" under the moniker Nihilist. Though the production here isn't near as sharp as it would later become, the band's roots definitely show through. For one, their recordings are usually the ones used to pinpoint the origins of the "buzzsaw" guitar tone. A ton of hardcore and metal bands have come to make this distinct sound, or as I like to call it, HM-2-core. The influence this band and their counterpart had is clearly apparent here. Not to mention the music here is pretty decent, keeping in mind that these are just demos from a band just getting its start. Enjoy.

1. Sentenced To Death
2. Supposed To Rot
3. Carnal Leftovers
4. Abnormally Deceased
5. Revel In Flesh
6. Face Of Evil
7. Severe Burns
8. When Life Has Ceased
9. Morbid Devourment
10. Radiation Sickness
11. Face Of Evil
12. But Life Goes On
13. Shreds Of Flesh
14. The Truth Beyond

Horror Show

Horror Show were a five-piece hardcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2000 and broke up in 2005. They mostly released music through Deathwish. These guys played a dark and intensive form of hardcore, focusing on more personal topics in their lyrics. Their brand of punk is often compared to that of American Nightmare, which is funny since vocalist Domenic Palermo would later play in XO Skeletons, along with Wesley Eisold (American Nightmare's vocalist). Horror Show will also appeal to fans of other Philly hardcore bands, like Ink And Dagger or Knives Out. For the few years they were around, they only released 2 EP's, Our Design and The Holiday. They also recorded a demo in 2002, which would be included on later versions of Our Design. In 2011, Deathwish released a compilation of all Horror Show's music. I highly, highly recommend giving it a listen, this is some fantastic early 2000's hardcore. On a side note, some of you might recognize the name Domenic Palermo, since years after Horror Show ended, he would form the shoegaze band Nothing, who have been getting a ton of attention lately. Enjoy.

1. Practicing Uncertainty
2. Our Design
3. The Last Steel Mile
4. Inconsiderate Me
5. Seconds To South
6. Stuck Again
7. Broken Record
8. Boston
9. 76 Hours
10. Stay Gold

1. Holiday
2. One For The Angels
3. The Four Of Us Are Dying
4. Rorrim

1. Practicing Uncertainty
2. Notes From The Night That Never Ended
3. The Last Steel Mile
4. Inconsiderate Me
5. Seconds To South
6. Stuck Again
7. Broken Arm
8. Boston
9. 76 Hours
10. Stay Gold
11. Holiday / One For The Angels
12. The Four Of Us Are Dying
13. Rorrim

Sunday, 15 January 2017


Posts on bands like this one are always difficult to begin. The generic "Quicksand are a four-piece post-hardcore band that formed in New York..." introduction just doesn't seem fitting to encapsulate what a flagship band they were to alternative rock and metal. Though their success was moderate during their original run in the early 90's (from 1990 to 1995, specifically), it's really their posthumous influence that has made Quicksand the "classic" and "essential" band that they are. Their music was clearly forward-thinking, and it struck a chord in a lot of bands that would come to light a few years after their existence. Quicksand's sound is embedded in the foundations of bands like Glassjaw, Deftones, Thrice, McLusky, and so on. I don't need to even begin to explain the relevance and influence of those bands, who brought post-hardcore to a wider audience at the turn of the century. Without a band like Quicksand, the aforementioned may not have existed, or in the same way that they did/do.

Though I can't understate how integral this band was to the development of their genre, I also don't want to understate the quality of the music in of itself. For one, Quicksand are timeless. They continue to attract new listeners over the years, with two outstanding full-lengths that only sound better the more you listen to them. The band incorporates heavy riffs with metallic and angular tones, unique chord structures, and a pummelling rhythm section. I can't even begin to describe the uniqueness of the vocals, and the band's chemistry together is undeniable. Like most post-hardcore acts, the musicianship displayed is impeccable, and the band entwines together to create a singular force, instead of each instrument standing on its own. They blend together a slew of sounds that began to arise in alternative rock. As a point of comparison, they would tour with more underground acts like Helmet and Fugazi, as well as well-known bands like Rage Against The Machine. I think that's also part of the appeal with Quicksand; they appeal to such a wide range of listeners. Whether someone is into punk/hardcore, metal, or alternative rock, this band could catch the ear of many.

There are a few other things to note. For one, the members of this band are definitely worth mentioning. The band's frontman, vocalist/guitarist Walter Schreifels was a major force in the New York hardcore scene at the close of the 80's. He was a member of both Youth Of Today and Gorilla Biscuits, who are arguably the most well-known and influential bands to come out of that era. After Quicksand ended, he founded another notable band, which was Rival Schools. The other members of Quicksand were also involved in other hardcore bands, including Bold and Burn.

As previously mentioned, Quicksand's main years of existence were between 1990 and 1995. They reunited in 1997, and after a tour and an attempt to record a new album, inner turmoil forced them to break up again. The unreleased songs from this session would later be leaked on the internet, which is part of what lead to the online bootleg B-Sides And Rarities, which also included demos and such from earlier in their career. After over a decade since Quicksand last came together, they reunited again in 2012 to play more shows and festivals. They've been doing that off-and-on for the past few years. Again, there were talks about putting out new material, but no new music has come from Quicksand yet. Regardless, their two full-lengths are staples in any post-hardcore fans collection, and the remainder of their music is just as worthy of note. As always, I highly recommend this band, and enjoy.

1. Omission
2. Clean Slate
3. Unfulfilled
4. Hypno Jam With Dan

1. Dine Alone
2. Can Opener

1. Fazer
2. Head To Wall
3. Dine Alone
4. Slip
5. Freezing Process
6. Lie And Wait
7. Unfulfilled
8. Can Opener
9. Omission
10. Baphomet
11. Too Official
12. Transparent

1. Divorce
2. Voice Killer

1. Backward
2. Delusional
3. Divorce
4. Simpleton
5. Skinny (It's Overflowing)
6. Thorn In My Side
7. Landmine Spring
8. Blister
9. Brown Gargantuan
10. East 3rd St.
11. Supergenius
12. It Would Be Cooler If You Did

1. How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths cover)
2. Voice Killer
3. Shovel
4. Chelsea's Going Under
5. Bug Collector
6. World's Fastest Car
7. Knee Jerk Reaction
8. Instrumental
9. All In Your Head
10. Requiem
11. In The End
12. Constant Tension
13. Hostage Calm
14. Weed It Out
15. Chelsea's Going Under
16. Dine Alone
17. Can Opener
18. Baphomet
19. Clean Slate
20. How Soon Is Now? (The Smithers cover live)
21. Supergenius

Note: Unofficial compilation

Everyone Everywhere

Everyone Everywhere are a four-piece emo/indie band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2007. They don't seem to have broken up or anything, but haven't put out any new material since 2012. Regardless, Everyone Everywhere was one of the major bands to come out of the first wave of the whole "emo revival" thing, along with other essentials such as Joie De Vivre, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), and Into It. Over It. Everyone Everywhere play an upbeat brand of emo that incorporates a ton of "twinkly" guitar work, but keep it interesting with some strong musicianship that helps them avoid ever sounding stale or generic. Their instrumental energy is fantastic, and the vocals have a slightly melancholic edge to them. In terms of modern emo, their two LP's are definitely high up on the list of recommendations. Even revisiting them now, they still sound incredible, and are one of the many reasons the "emo revival" thing was such an awesome time for indie rock. Enjoy.

1. Houses With No Basements
2. Talk Talk Talk Talk
3. Typewriter
4. Thirty Seconds
5. Famous Celebrities
6. Get Fun
7. Chicago

1. Everyhow Everythere
2. Thermal Dynamics
3. Cool Pool Keg Toss Pete
4. We're Going Home

1. Into It. Over It. - Augusta, GA
2. Everyone Everywhere - Batsto
3. Everyone Everywhere - Fakin' It
4. Into It. Over It. - Raw Bar OBX 2002

1. Tiny Planet
2. Raw Bar OBX 2002
3. From The Beginning To The Tail
4. Tiny Town
5. Tiny Boat
6. Music Work Paper Work
7. Blown Up Grown Up
8. Fld Ovr
9. I Feel Fine By Everyone Everywhere
10. Obama House, Fukui Prefecture

1. I Feel Exhausted
2. Queen Mary II
3. The Future
4. $1,000,000,000
5. Turn & Go & Turn
6. Fervor & Indifference in the Bicameral Brain
7. No Furniture
8. Big Hat
9. Wild Life