Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Sidekicks

The Sidekicks are a four-piece indie/punk band from Ohio that formed in 2007. Since then they've evolved quite a bit, though always put out consistently good tunes. Their earliest material features chunky guitars and gruff vocals singing some of punk's catchiest melodies. They could draw comparisons to bands like Latterman or The Lawrence Arms. This stuff is great of course, but like any good band should, they progressed over the years. By the time Awkward Breeds was released, the band was already branching off into indie rock territory, particularly that of 90's greats such as Built To Spill. They fully transitioned into an indie rock band on their last album, Runners In The Nerved World, which is more Band Of Horses than it is Against Me!. Over the band's near-decade of existence, they've put out a slew of great music, all of which can be found below. Enjoy.

1. Panic! San Francisco
2. Wife Swap > Sled Riding
3. Team Volcano
4. Eye To Eye, Oh My!
5. "Chips Bring A Party Down"
6. Necktie
7. Slight Sting
8. Don't Open The Door, You Might Let In The Gusto
9. Go! Go! Go! Green! Green! Green!
10. Tomboioi
11. Steve Smith, Coal Miner Jr.

1. Hop On A Sea Cow And Manatee Up
2. I Burned The Crops
3. Bryant Gregst (Gets Nervous)
4. The Island

1. Let It Breathe
2. Looking
3. A Healthy Time
4. Almost The Same
5. Day-Staring
6. Small
7. Static Mouth
8. Plans
9. Like The Tides
10. Shading
11. Learn To Live Without
12. Weight Of Air

1. The Sidekicks - Little James
2. The Sidekicks - (Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
3. Tigers Jaw - Jimmy Piersall
4. Tigers Jaw - Boots 'n Hanks  

1. DMT
2. Grace
3. Peacock
4. Incandescent Days
5. 1940's Fighter Jet
6. Diamond Eyes
7. The Whale And Joan
8. The 9th Piece
9. Looker
10. Baby, Baby
11. Daisy

1. Grace
2. The Wallflowers
3. The 9th Piece (Alternate Version)
4. Stay

1. Hell Is Warm
2. Everything In Twos
3. Jesus Christ Supermalls
4. The Kid Who Broke His Wrist
5. Pet
6. Blissfield, MI
7. Deer
8. Summer Brings You Closer To Satan
9. Century Schoolbook Grown-Ups
10. Satellite Words And Me
11. Spinning Seat
12. All Things Run

1. Other People's Pets
2. Mix For Rainy Day
3. Twin's Test
4. Win Affection
5. A Short Dance
6. Don't Feel Like Dancing
7. Weed Tent
8. Summer And The Magic Trick
9. Serpent In A Sun Drought
10. Elegy For Tim
11. Medium In The Middle
12. Happiness Hours


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    Light Years Discography
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    Please! :)

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