Sunday, 15 May 2016

Adobe Homes

Adobe Homes are a four-piece screamo band from Albuquerque, New Mexico that formed in 2008. They play fast-paced, screamy jams with scorching vocals and some spastic guitar licks. This is the kind of band that can go from break-neck climaxes to long, quieter passages and then right back into the chaos with the blink of an eye. That's what makes them so good, there's always that anticipation of what's to come, it's never routine or expected. It's highly passionate, highly emotional, and sprawled all over the fucking place. Enjoy.

1. "Hey, Did Arthur ever get with Sue-Ellen?"
2. Bebop knows best...
3. Relocation was bound to happen

2. Un Bosque con arroys, lodo y insectos *instrumental*
3. There are Cicadas in the Trees

1. Should I Buy It Or Sell It?
2. Buds & Nugs: The In-Depth Autobiography Of Mules, Chapter II.
3. Cowboy Bebop Knows Best
4. ...This Moment
5. Manzano St. NE (Newdest Beach)
6. Relocation Was Bound To Happen...
7. Jared Ch-ya-vezzz.
8. She Spells It With One L.
9. "Hey, Did Arthur Ever Get With Sue-Ellen?"
10. Ristra Roto Es Mi Vida.

1. Adobe Homes - I Don't Think I'm Glorybound, Bound, Bound
2. Beau Navire - Eyelids

1. Monologue Of The Confused Pt. I (New Mexico Riff)
2. Monologue Of The Confused Pt. II (Burnt House On Tatooine)
3. A Wright Winter
4. There Are Cicadas In The Trees
5. ¿Quién Estará Aquí A Romper Este Piñata?

1. Adobe Homes - You're More Like A Sunflower Than A Rose
2. Innards - College House
3. Innards - Construction

16. Amherst Pandemonium, Pt 2

Note: Full comp here

1. Morning Lust

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