Monday, 16 May 2016


Marietta were a four-piece emo/indie/punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2011 and broke up at the end of 2015. They are sad jams inc., kind of like their fellow Philly friends Modern Baseball. Name a feeling, Marietta's got a song to relate to for it. Not only did they craft some great and catchy lyrics, they wrote some incredible songs as well. Two full-lengths, an EP, a split, and a demo were all it took to establish this band as awesome. If you dig Grown Ups, Brave Bird, RVIVR, or Modern Baseball, you will definitely be into Marietta. Enjoy.

1. United Away
2. Waking Up Never Felt So Dizzy
3. God Bless Eric Taylor

1. Marietta - Yeah Yeah Utah
2. Marietta - Green Call Her Sims
3. Modern Baseball - Hope
4. Modern Baseball - It's Cold Out Here

1. ...So They Left Me At A Gas Station
2. Cinco De Mayo Shit Show
3. You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt
4. Deck Wine
5. God Bless Eric Taylor
6. Ever Is A Long Time (Ever Is No Time At All)
7. Chase, I Hardly Know Ya
8. Fuck, Dantooine Is Too Big

1. You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt (Acoustic)
2. God Bless Eric Taylor (Acoustic)
3. O.K., Mom
4. Waking Up Never Felt So Dizzy

1. Pony Up!!
2. Beater
3. Horse Tattoo
4. Are You Afraid Of God? No, But I'm Afraid Of You
5. 5 Minute Raw Vegan (Are You Fucking Around?)
6. Ilai, Eli, A Lie
7. No God In New Jersey
8. United Away
9. Destination Unknown (Reprise)
10. Hawaii 5-0 Noseblunt
11. Brains


  1. You should do Secret Stuff from nashville tn

  2. Missing their acoustic version of joe from bigfootprint acoustic comp and acoustic version of god bless eric taylor from some weird comp about something blue...idk i bought it

  3. Holy balls, the Summer Death album is amazing. Every listen provides a new favorite song. Possibly the best album I've heard since More Songs from the Grown Ups, or 61 Penn Crucial Dudes.