Friday, 13 May 2016

You'll Live

You'll Live are a three-piece emo/indie/screamo band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida that formed in 2011, and have never disappointed since. They're an interesting band to try and pin down, since instrumentally they're very reminiscent of a 90's emo/indie band, with the bright, clean guitars, and noodly playing. They also have a very upbeat energy in the way a band like Snowing does. On top of all that, throw in some harshly screamed vocals that wouldn't be out of place in a "skramz" band, and you've got You'll Live. I like to think of them as summertime screamo, if that makes any sense. Fans of Native, Boy Problems, William Bonney, and Two Knights will definitely dig them, if they haven't already heard of them. Enjoy.

1. Just Some Broken Glass
2. If Only You Knew
3. Awake
4. Lost In The Tide
5. High Fives For Victor

1. Pretty Good Rainbow
2. It's Never What I Expect
3. The Lonesome Crowded West
4. Easy Come, Easy Go
5. Forever Here
6. Maybe You Were Right
7. I'll Never Shake This
8. Maybe I'll See You
9. In Another Life

1. Brief Moments
2. Destination: Blood! (Orchid cover)

1. Lost.
2. Forgotten.
3. Abandoned.
4. Buried.

1. Tired Of Trying
2. Regretful Choices
3. Shameless Indifference
4. Hasty Maturity
5. Accepting Disapproval
6. Regretful Actions
7. If I Could Change This
8. Used For Profit
9. Trouble
10. Unwanted

1. Algae Bloom - Tedious & Brief
2. Good Times - Reticent
3. Solanas - Bleakest Jazz
4. You'll Live - Still Feel The Same


  1. Can you do La Sera?

  2. I would like to request Direct Hit! if possible

  3. Thank you for posting this. I heard all their albums this past weekend and loved it!