Sunday, 22 May 2016


Floral are a two-piece math rock/post-rock band from California that formed in 2014. They play in the same melodic vein as bands like CHON and This Town Needs Guns, and their music is as diversely colourful as their album covers. These two guys are incredibly talented musicians who craft some great songs that are both impressive and melodically satisfying. I'm not big on "math rock", but this is undeniably good stuff. They've got two EP's out now which are pretty similar in sound to each other (which means they're both great), so there's about a full-length's amount of awesome material here, enjoy.

1. Aquarius Theater
2. Balancing Act
3. Cars
4. Climbing A Wall
5. Picture Of Flower
6. Temple

1. Marsh Partition
2. Town Picnic
3. A Shepherds Bumfit
4. French For Vignette
5. Unfair Treaty
6. Spirit Marathon

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