Saturday, 21 May 2016

Deep Wound

Deep Wound were a four-piece hardcore punk band from Westfield, Massachusetts that formed in 1982 and broke up in 1984. In their time, they released some of the most raw and aggressive hardcore music, with a pummelling energy, heavy distorted guitars and power-drill drum beats. The band only put out one official EP, a self-titled 7" in 1983, though they had recorded a demo, an unreleased EP (called American Style) a split with Siege (another essential band), and a few songs that appeared on the compilation Bands That Could Be God. All of this was included on a 2006 compilation put out by Damaged Goods. Deep Wound definitely have built up a reputation of their own, but where two of their members went after also helps. Guitarist Lou Barlow and drummer J Mascis formed Dinosaur Jr. after Deep Wound broke up, and switched to bass/vocals and guitar/vocals respectively. Of course Dino Jr. are a phenomenal band, and it's really interesting to hear the transition from the musicians that churned out "Video Prick" to a song like "Severed Lips" in two years time. Enjoy.

1. I Saw It
2. Sisters
3. In My Room
4. Don't Need
5. Lou's Anxiety Song
6. Video Prick
7. Sick Of Fun
8. Deep Wound
9. Dead Babies
10. You're False
11. Time To Stand
12. Pressure
13. Training Ground
14. Deep Wound
15. You're False
16. Your Head Is In Your Crotch
17. Psyched To Die
18. Sister
19. Patriots
20. Never Let You In
21. Adult
22. Don't Need
23. Video Prick
24. Let's Go To The Mall