Saturday, 21 May 2016

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes are a four-piece indie/emo/math rock/punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that formed in 2013. They just put out their debut full-length band with Broken World Media, and it is an absolutely fantastic record. Great production, great songs, great musicianship, it's just a fucking great album all around. I'm enjoying the hell out of it and wanted to share it, because I'm sure a lot of people will definitely be able to get into this. Their Bandcamp had a few releases up this morning, but when I went back to snag them this evening, they had deleted them all. Talk about bad timing. Regardless, I have their full-length, which is a really fun album that I know will be on repeat for quite a while. Enjoy.

1. Sometimes I Doubt Yr Commitment To Sparkle Motion...
2. Pretty Bill
3. Weedcastles
4. Little Mouse Pirouettes
5. Haunted Houses Are For Losers
6. No Cat
7. Use Yr Powers For Good
8. Lamps That Look Like Body Parts
9. Sucking It In
10. Coat Yr Contacts In Acid 'til You Die

1. Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes - Dad Got Me A Lefty Desk
2. Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes - Mas and:or Menos
3. Fits - Crush
4. Fits - Wool Coat
5. Fits - Why Did You @ Me

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  1. Send us an email at! I'll send you some of those garageband demos we had up if you like! Some of them will be on our second full length:)