Sunday, 8 May 2016

Yaphet Kotto

Yaphet Kotto were a screamo/emotional hardcore band from Santa Cruz, California that lasted from 1996 to 2005. They've gained an incredibly dedicated following, often being cited as being one of the greatest screamo bands ever. It's a deserving title. They managed to be emotionally cathartic while still presenting a sociopolitical agenda in their lyrics, which is always an impressive marriage. Not only do they have a lyrical duality, but the entire band's music is based on the concept. They, like any great band in their realm, are both melodic and chaotic, and the two blend seamlessly. They have two vocalists, one with a gruffer, hoarse, voice and the other mostly sung, though they both break into all-out screams at times.

The thing that probably gets noted most about this band is the unbelievable guitar work, with the two guitars entwining seamlessly, playing off each other while constructing some of hardcore's greatest riffs ever put to record. I don't think I need to ramble about what makes Yaphet Kotto so special, because it's a truth that's held to be self-evident. Here's their discography, which in its entirety is a screamo/hardcore essential. Enjoy.

1. The Killer Was In The Government Blankets
2. Second Square
3. Crane Lifting Crane
4. Car Part Three

1. First Meetings Agreement
2. Torn Pictures
3. Reserved For Speaker
4. Driving Through Natchez
5. Are You Still Working At That Cafe?
6. B And C
7. A Symbol
8. The Killer Was In The Government Blankets
9. Suffocate

1. Yaphet Kotto - Critical Response
2. Suicide Nation - Collapse & Die

1. Circumstantial Evidence
2. Status Symbol
3. Inquire Within
4. The Weight Of Remorse
5. Fact Or Fiction
6. Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love
7. Highly Enlightened
8. Blind Leading The Blind
9. Of Epic Proportions
10. Instrumental

1. Usual Suspects
2. According To History

1. Yaphet Kotto - The Fall
2. Yaphet Kotto - Tracing
3. Yaphet Kotto - Momentary Loss Of Breath
4. This Machine Kills - Define Silence
5. This Machine Kills - Carpet Of Gold/Carpet Of Bombs
6. This Machine Kills - Our Histories Have Burned Holes In Your Flag
7. Envy - A Far-Off Reason
8. Envy - Signal
9. Envy - An Adventure Of Silence And Purpose
10. Yaphet Kotto/This Machine Kills/Envy - Untitled

1. Alive And Dead
2. Momentary Loss Of Breath
3. Tracing

1. We Bury Our Dead Alive
2. The Heavy Burden
3. Past On The Stairs
4. Chime The Day
5. Paths
6. The Constant Ringing
7. The Lurker
8. Chime The Night
9. Untitled

1. Existence Is Pain
2. Full of Mistakes
3. Heritage

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