Sunday, 15 May 2016


мища (pronounced Mischa)are a three-piece screamo/emo violence band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2009. They play an incredible style of raw hardcore that builds tension as much as it releases it in bursts of utter chaos. Their bandcamp is full of pictures of people puking for a reason. The music they play sounds like their insides are coming out and spilling on the floor; its such a messy and visceral sound. Their most intense moments recall band likes Orchid or Tristan Tzara, as well as the quieter ones, which really aren't melodic points, just breathing room in the fist fight that is мища. They're a personal long-time favourite, and a must-listen for modern screamo.  Fans of raw and intense music get on board with this. Enjoy.

1. A Movement In Silence And Violence
2. Metaphor For A Crap Movie
3. Waltz
4. In Tents (demo)
5. Landlocked pt. 1 (demo)
6. Landlocked pt. 2 (demo)
7. What A Fucking Joke (demo)
8. Cleats
9. Dreamz
10. I Came Here To Murder You
11. In Tents
12. Landlocked
13. Vanilla Ice Cold
14. Side A
15. Side B

1. мища - I've Built Plenty Of Houses, But I've Broken More Homes
2. Innards - slothbear
3. Innards - s1mpl3 decisions

1. We Were Skeletons - Wolves
2. We Were Skeletons - The Ghost Of Jean Glam
3. мища  - A Midwinter Night's Dream
4. мища - ...At Least We Got Capri Suns

1. мища - Do I Still Remind You Of Your Dead Wife
2. Te Lloraría Un Puto Río - Radio Cité

1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Track 5
6. Track 6
7. Track 7
8. Track 8
9. Track 9

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