Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Octaves are a five-piece hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2009. They were formerly signed to Topshelf, and are now on Bridge Nine. Octaves play an intense style of music, focusing on noisy aggression common to bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan. They're instrumentally proficient and certainly demonstrate that. Something of note is the vocals, which are sung in a spoken word style, but with a ton of gruffness. Imagine if Dan Smith (of Listener) fronted a hardcore band, Octaves are kind of what you'd get. Enjoy.

1. Fix The Fernback
2. Be Angry At The Sun For Setting
3. I've Got Boxes Full Of Pepe
4. Anaconda Squeeze
5. I Am He Who Is Called I Am
6. I'm Just Going To The Corner For Some Cigarettes
7. Shmohawk
8. Absent Kids Count

Note: This was initially released in 2010, but reissued and remastered by Topshelf in 2013

1. Premature Congratulations
2. For Goodness Sake
3. Golf Tips
4. Poppycock
5. Tax Break
6. It Figures
7. Soup And Sandwich
8. Mister
9. Like Seriously, How Many Time?
10. Ms.

1. Caravels - Moody Miles
2. Caravels - Slick Rick
3. Octave - Tom Petty Cash
4. Octaves - Air Traffic Control

1. Overture - Head
2. Moon
3. Twinkle Toes
4. Shanty
5. Boxing Day (Canada)
6. Exact Change
7. Happy Hunting
8. War Stories
9. Like Larks
10. Working Stiff
11. Creedence

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  1. Greener Pastures link says the download no longer exists, just wanted to let you know in hopes it was fixable