Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Crucial Dudes

Crucial Dudes were a five-piece pop punk band from South Jersey that formed in 2009 and broke up in 2012. They only released one LP and one EP in their actual time as a band, and then two splits posthumously. However, they did briefly reunite at the end of 2015, and whether or not they're officially reformed is unclear.

 In my humble opinion, Crucial Dudes are one of the best pop punk bands to come out in the past few years. They've got a raw energy that I think a lot of other bands are lacking. Something must be in the water in Jersey, because the same place that bred Lifetime and Kid Dynamite a decade (two decades now) ago also brought about this band. Everything that pop punk should be is what they are. Catchy, punchy, and upbeat music played by a bunch of dudes sweating in a basement having the fucking time of their lives. Fans of modern bands like The Story So Far and Neck Deep (who apparently derive their name for a Crucial Dudes lyric, though I always thought it was from the Title Fight song, but who knows) will definitely be interested in this band, but fans of older pop punk should also give it a try if they're a little disdained with a lot of the more modern bands. 61 Penn forever. Enjoy.

1. I'm Not Wearing Hockey Pants, Bro
2. Gentlemen,
3. Small, Bent, And Ugly
4. Fast Song
5. Yousa Bitch
6. Never Gonna Give You Up

1. Mt. Chill, You're Climbin'
2. Doubt
3. Boom, Roasted
4. Through Being Crucial
5. Mad Nice
6. 61 Penn
7. Contour
8. Give 'Em The Howard
9. On Leaving
10. Small, Bent, And Ugly

1. Crucial Dudes - Of Course I Like Music... I Like Pantera
2. Shared Arms - Dead In '11

1. Crucial Dudes - 5.9 - The Percent Of The Beast
2. Crucial Dudes - Get Pitted
3. Crucial Dudes - Put A Grand On It
4. Hisdayhascome - Resolutions
5. Hisdayhascome - In Deep Water
6. Hisdayhascome - What Keeps Us Here

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