Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Armed

The Armed are a five-piece band from Detroit, Michigan that formed in 2009. They were formed out of the remnants of another band called Slicer Dicer, though the members of The Armed often go unnamed. This band is an all-out assault on both the ears and the mind. Sonically, they're loud and aggressive, but still precise in their attack. Songs get shredded through with militant execution and unleashed frustration. Not only through the music, but through their lyrics they convey this agenda of aggression. The band expresses a clear disdain for contemporary culture, which may not be entirely original, but still quite poignant. Their second full-length (produced by Kurt Ballou) came out last year, which you might recognize from my "best of" list. Enjoy.

1. Party At Pablo's
2. Kingbreaker
3. Hail Troglodon
4. As Centaurs
5. Buy A Snake
6. I Steal What I Want
7. Grand Party Frankenstein
8. Gave Up
9. Terrordactyl
10. Elephant
11. The Great Fatsby

1. Death Panel
2. Liar
3. Second Hand
4. Woodenlung

1. Young & Beautiful
2. Mujahoudini
3. Pushing Daisies
4. Maize Maze
5. You Have Died

1. Cop Friends
2. No Rest Until Ruin
3. Bloat
4. Sterling Results
5. Countervictims

1. The Armed - Culture Faded
2. The Armed - American Lives
3. Tharsis They - Dim Rivers
4. Tharsis They - Dragging Stones

1. An Ode To No One (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

1. Future Drugs
2. Forever Scum
3. Nervewrecker
4. Rhythm 0
5. Enemies Closer
6. Blessings
7. Dead Actress
8. Polarizer
9. Ender
10. No Risk
11. Issachar
12. Paradise Day
13. Rage Of Youth
14. Dead Artist

1. Witness
2. Role Models
3. Nowhere To Be Found
4. Apperception
5. Parody Warning
6. Fortune's Daughter
7. Luxury Themes
8. Heavily Lined
9. Middle Homes
10. Ultraglass
11. On Jupiter


  1. lovely band , they have a live album too

  2. all the links except for the 2 full-length albums are all broken or expired, whatever it is that's wrong with them. they all say that they no longer exist

  3. Replies
    1. you can get it for free from their bandcamp, but they deserve all the money you have... jusayin.