Sunday, 8 May 2016

...Who Calls So Loud

...Who Calls So Loud were a screamo/emotional hardcore band from the Bay Area that were around from 2007 to 2008. They share members with a ton of other phenomenal bands, including Portraits Of Past, Funeral Diner, iwrotehaikus..., and Beau Navire. So naturally it's expected that ...Who Calls So Loud are at that same caliber. Their sole LP is amazing, featuring lengthy, post-rock influenced skramz sessions that burgeon without falter. It's a need-to-listen for people into Portraits Of Past and City of Caterpillar. Their EP is also solid, though not quite on par with the LP. Still worth the listen though. Enjoy.

1. Sleeplike
2. I Need To Experience The Ultimate
4. Assume The Power Focus
5. What I Learned In The C.O.U.M.
6. Any Color I Want
7. Coming Together Over A Black Sun
8. Slip Step

1. Hey, I'm Outside
2. M'ed Palms
3. Resonant Grain Silo
4. Lark Vs. Rascal

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  1. First heard the LP tonight and discovered this blog - it's up there with the heavyweights like Circle takes the square