Thursday, 16 August 2018

It Looks Sad.

It Looks Sad. are a two-piece (formerly a 3 and 4 piece) indie rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina that formed in 2012. Originally called It Looks Sad, That's Why I Said It's You, they shortened their name in 2013. Thus far they've put out two EPs, both with Tiny Engines, and a recent track from their upcoming debut full-length. It Looks Sad. take influence from bands like Modern Baseball and Beach Fossils, featuring melancholic, shouted vocals, spindly arpeggios, and reverb-washed chords that fill a room. Their second EP, Kaiju is a two-track masterpiece, which has garnered them quite a bit of attention. Following that they put out a compilation aptly titled Lost Songs, which showed the band moving in a washed out, lo-fi electronic, whisper-thin vocal direction. The recently released track from their debut, "Light" suggests that this is officially the band's new sound. It's still definitely sad, and an LP I'm curiously looking forward to. Enjoy.

1. Seasons

1. Radical
2. Fingers
3. Raccoon
4. Ocean

1. Creature
2. Nagoya

1. Crush
2. Meteor
3. Jack Freeman
4. leaf/crazy2

1. Light

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Eldritch Anisette

Eldritch Anisette were a four-piece emo/indie/punk band from Newark, Delaware that were briefly around from 1996 to 1997. They only released one 7", in addition to a demo. Sonically, they sound like a mix of Everyone Asked About You, Evergreen, and a punkier Sunny Day Real Estate, or something like that. They play with occasionally noodley guitar bits, melodic bass lines, washy chords, and melodic lead vocals (aside from the vicious backing vocals on "Dissection of Silence"). Their 7" is only three tracks but absolutely incredible and super underrated. You can also check out an interview with their vocalist here, which is also where I got the demo from, so thanks to them for that. Ya also might need a translator. Enjoy.

1. Suckerpunch
2. Pessimism Goes To Work
3. Dissection of Silence

1. Japan
2. Suckerpunch
3. Untitled
4. Dissection Of Silence
5. Pessimism Goes To Work
6. Secondhanded

Friday, 10 August 2018


Ostraca are a three-piece screamo band from Richmond, Virginia. They began in 2009 as four-piece under the name Kilgore Trout, but changed names in 2015, thus becoming Ostraca. They play an intensely dark, chaotic and dissonant style of screamo/emoviolence that harkens back to their Virginia forefathers pg.99 and Majority Rule, with some ear-shattering vocals to boot. They also play with enough progressive, winding song structures to put them in league with bands like City of Caterpillar. Their past two releases are some of the best screamo released in recent years, so I highly suggest you get on it. Enjoy.

1. without articulation
2. half transformed
3. when is it ever different
4. pyrrhic
5. another mask
6. all watched over

1. Ostraca - The Lucid Outline
2. Ostraca - All I Was, In Ashes
3. Ostraca - Decay And Fall
4. Flesh Born - Unredeemable
5. Flesh Born - Many Ports
6. Flesh Born - Of The Same Earth
7. Flesh Born - Existence, Our Exile
8. Flesh Born - Nothingness, Our Home

1. Waiting For The Crash
2. The Orchard
3. Childlike
4. Nausea
5. Confronting Imagism
6. Worn Away

1. big star
2. graven
3. crisis
4. pulses
5. in passing
6. nemesis

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Casanovas In Heat

Casanovas In Heat are a four-piece punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2010. They play a high-energy & good-times style of punk in the vein of bands like The Replacements, which yield some chorus-laden guitars, catchy hooks, and reckless riffs played at furious speeds. After a few incredible 7"'s, they went to record their debut LP in 2015. For multiple reasons, its release was delayed until early 2018. Thankfully this thing is out, because every song absolutely shreds. This band's got great songs and a great attitude, and although they don't seem to be active anymore, have left some potent material to kick out the jams to. Enjoy.

1. Calling Bluffs
2. Izmir Stinger
3. Jodi Boy
4. Ruins

1. Belvidere
2. Destiny St.

1. Wet Dreamin'
2. 2nd Wind
3. Against The Grain
4. Lolita
5. Destiny St.
6. Future Ex-Girlfriends
7. Omens
8. Belvidere
9. Jaded
10. Nitehawk

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Guns Up!

Guns Up! are a four-piece straight edge hardcore band from Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts that began in 2002 and broke up in 2007. They began playing shows again in either 2009. They play a gritty, bottom-heavy, gang-chant lead brand of hardcore that fans of Champion, Down to Nothing, and Have Heart will undoubtedly love. They put out two LP's in their time, as well as a 7" titled Game Over which I can't seem to find. Their members are currently active in other bands, most notably Rained In. Not much else to say, this is just kick-ass mid-2000's Massachusetts hardcore at its finest. Can't go wrong. Enjoy.

1. Least Of My Worries
2. How It's Done
3. All In
4. Foolin' Who
5. On Your Way Out
6. No Shelter
7. Face It
8. FYS
9. More Than You

1. Outlive
2. You Break
3. Won't Change For Me
4. Life's Ill
5. Test My Will
6. Frozen
7. Spitting Words
8. Losing Sight
9. Face It
10. (A Means)
11. To An End

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Chalk Hands

Chalk Hands are a four-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Brighton, UK that formed in 2017. They released a two-track EP last year, Burrows & Other Hideouts that has garnered quite a bit of attention for its seamless blend of post-rock melody and atmosphere, post-hardcore's technical prowess and non-linear song structure, and screamo's intensive vocals and chaotic instrumental collisions. This band has come out of the gate with two hard-hitting, experimental and forward-thinking tracks, carving out their own corner in the screamo/hardcore/whatever world. They've apparently been active in working on new material, which is something to definitely look out for, because based on their debut alone, Chalk Hands are going to do great things. Enjoy.

1. Burrows
2. Arms

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

4-Way Split PremieRing - Massa Nera

4 bands, 4 blogs, 1 amazing split. I'm incredibly happy to present the PremieRing, a project set up by four different blogs to each premiere one band from this new four-way split. To start things off, I was lucky enough to get Massa Nera, a Sophie's Floorboard favourite. You might remember them from last year's LP Los Pensamientos De Una Cara Palida, a modern screamo essential. This five-piece New Jersey band are back with a new offering of two tracks to kick off this split. You can check out the exclusive stream of these new songs below, as well as pre-order information and links to the other blogs in the PremieRing. Recording info for these tracks is as follows:

Allen Nuñez - Guitar & Vocals
Christopher Rodriguez - Guitar & Vocals
David Mocada - Bass & Vocals
John Rodriguez - Vocals
Mark Boulanger - Drums

Additional vocals on "Doing Nothing For Others Is The Undoing Of Ourselves" by Steve Roche

Tracked and Mixed by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering

The first track offered up here is "Un Mal Cola De Hadas", which kicks off with some clean, looming melodic riffing, a clear sign of the band's technical prowess. After some instrumental mingling, the vocals kick in, with some furious kit-shredding drums behind them. They utilize their many vocalists well, trading lines off each other before coming together in climatic, shouted unison. The guitars hammer out heavy dissonant chords, while the bass builds eerie lines in the back. This song blends hints of melody into angular rhythmic patterns, with every instrument getting a chance to shine amidst the cathartic chaos. As it comes to close, it breathes as it opens, giving the listener a second to recover before track 2 bludgeons again.

"Doing Nothing For Others Is The Undoing Of Ourselves" opens with an incredible rhythmic passage, with the bass and drums creating an almost dance-y vibe, intertwined with the guitar's clean arpeggios. Just when the track sounds like its about to explode, they pull back and continue at the same level when some of the most impassioned vocals in recent history find a way to yelp themselves in. The vocals only build in intensity as the instrumental winds behind them. Sure enough, the blast beat climax this track has been teasing at finally hits, and its a glorious mesh of heavy bass, snare insanity, and guitar tremolos. On the way out, after all the instruments have rung out, there's one final, lonesome scream, a perfect way to end a track that's taken the listener to a couple of different places in a relatively short span of time. This band never ceases to amaze with the material they put out, and these new splits track are no different.

Keep these on repeat for a bit, and then check out the remainder of this split over at the incredible blogs listed below. I assure you this is one you do not want to miss. Enjoy.

Check out the remainder of this split at the other PremieRing spots below:

Massa Nera

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Prince Daddy & The Hyena are a four-piece emo/punk band from Albany, New York that formed in 2014. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this band on here a few times before, so I figured it's about time I actually get them up here. They've quickly become one of the most noteworthy bands in this current wave of "emo" (or "sparklepunk", whatever the fuck ya want to call it), with some incredible songwriting and unparalleled energy. If you take some downer (but still awesome) lyrics, pair it with some heavy power chords, catchy, hoarse vocals, and some shred-tastic lead work, you've got Prince Daddy & The Hyena. They take some pretty clear influence from bands like The Get Up Kids and Weezer, and exist in the same vein as modern bands like Mom Jeans., Remo Drive, and Rozwell Kid. Their sole LP, I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving and three-way split Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 420 are required listening, but pretty much everything is gold. Enjoy.

1. Adult Summers (PART 1)
2. Adult Summers (PART 2)
3. I'm A Bum
4. Revenge Of The Spiderbees

1. I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving
2. I Forgot To Take My Meds Today
3. Clever Girl
4. Nika's Got It Wrong
5. Bromeo // Always Good
6. Pop Song
7. Broc Ched
8. I Wish I Could Ctrl+Alt+Del My Life
9. Hundo Pos
10. Bathtub
11. Really?

1. Just Friends - Sad 2 See
2. Just Friends - The Good Life
3. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Moo Moo Meadows 
4. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Devotion

1. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - If I'm Still Broke By Christmas
2. Dikembe - Living In The Walls
3. Expert Timing - Homesick Hearts
4. Henrietta - Big Miss Steak
5. Expert Timing - Make It Better
6. Henrietta - Better Now
7. Dikembe - Nest
8. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Escape From The City

1. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Thrashville 1/3
2. Pictures of Vernon - The Sunshine Bus
3. Mom Jeans. - YIKES (daddy wants wings)
4. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Thrashville 2/3 (ft. Kississippi)
5. Pictures of Vernon - Camp Games 1.1
6. Mom Jeans. - Vape Nation 2.0

Oh My God Elephant

I found this little ditty while perusing through the archives, and had completely forgotten what a solid EP this one. I don't know much about the band or its history, but they're a four-piece emo/indie project called Oh My God Elephant, from Wayland, Massachusetts, and they were active from sometime between 2005 and 2007, I'm not exactly sure. They only put out one EP, which of Kinsella-esque emo, with clean, twinkly guitars, melodic chords, and boyish shouts as vocals. Their members would later be active in other bands such as Rainbow Tornado, Clarissa Explains It All, and Bishop. Enjoy.

1. Rascal The Cat
2. Dan Dan Dan Dan
3. Evan Tuckerman
4. Lincoln
5. Broken Finger Tippies

Thursday, 26 July 2018


Ignition were a four-piece hardcore/punk band from Washington, DC that were around from 1986-1989. They were one of many Dischord bands to come out of the "Revolution Summer" era. They featured an incredible line-up of musicians, which includes members of other major notable DC bands such as The Faith, Embrace, Gray Matter, and later Soulside. Fans of those bands, as well as Dag Nasty and other related Dischord artists will undoubtedly love Ignition, if they're not already familiar with them. Alec's lyrics are solid, and the band brings a fantastic energy to each track. They blend the fury of punk and hardcore with melodic sensibilities and sonic experimentation, that would later become known as "post-hardcore" and "emo" in the next decade. This is definitely a classic band from one of music's greatest scenes/eras, so this whole discography is absolutely essential. They released two albums and a few EP's in their time together, all of which were compiled on a single album in 1994, and then remastered in 2012 (which is the version below). Enjoy.

1. Previous
2. Cancellation
3. Buy And Sell
4. Wrenching
5. Strain
6. Throttle
7. Temporary
8. So Moved
9. Sinker
10. Non Verbum
11. Consequence
12. Lucky Thirteen
13. Anger Means (Version)
14. Revision
15. Standstill
16. Kiwi Chant
17. One Sided
18. Bullets In Mind
19. Eyeballed
20. Sinker (Version)
21. Rebuilding
22. Anxiety Asking
23. Anger Means
24. Proven Hollow
25. Chicago Song
26. Bought And Sold

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Kaospilot were a five-piece screamo/hardcore band from Oslo, Norway that were around from 2001 to 2005. They played a dark, intensive brand of screamo, with an incredible array of vocals, and an ability to play with an impressive range of sounds, from frenzied blastbeat chaos, to calm melodic parts, to seething, heavy slow burners. They utilized dissonant, angular chords, off-kilter rhythms, sharp changes in dynamics, and some vicious drum patterns. All of this might sound vagulely familiar, because they are staples in modern screamo, indicating Kaospilot as a definite major player in terms of influence. They put out a solid slew of material in their time together, but their posthumous sophomore album Shadows is their stand out. Enjoy.

1. A False Hollywood Promise
2. Nineteeneightyfour
3. The Last Dance
4. Protest Denied
5. A Tragic Picture
6. Under The Knife, Scars Run Deep

1. Neil Perry - Breathing With One Bad Lung
2. Neil Perry - There's A Fine Line Between Thrift Store And White Trash
3. Neil Perry - A Friend Is A Lesson To Be Learned
4. Kaospilot - 16.6.2000
5. Kaospilot - The Noise From The Bell Killed Me

1. Robots Took On The Outside Of Dogs
2. Rethink The Guidelines
3. Eleventh Hour Tactics
4. Arm Your Fists
5. School Of Assassins
6. The Vicious Cycle
7. Process Is Set
8. Akathisia
9. Letter Of Condolence
10. Dead Conversation
11. Prologue To Better Players

1. Van Johnson - Spagator
2. Kaospilot - Vivre Sa Vie

1. Lunar
2. When The Wind Turns Her Hand
3. Shadows
4. The Indian Became A Thunderbird
5. Ad Infinitum
6. Colossus
7. The Death Knell
8. The Symphony Plays With Nature's Hand
9. Weak Hands May Equal Weak Firm Valor
10. Petroglyphs
11. Foruten Tid
12. Vivre Sa Vie

Saturday, 21 July 2018


Joliette are a four-piece post-hardcore/mathcore band from Puebla, Mexico that formed in 2011. These guys have put out a crazy amount of material since they formed, and have earned their title as one of the hardest-hitting bands around today. They play a heavy, instrumentally intricate style of hardcore, with knee-jerk syncopation and an incredible use of dynamics. Influence from bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan is pretty evident here, along with small hints of screamo. As I said before, they've put out a slew of music, so fans of forward-thinking hardcore will have a field day to delve into here. Enjoy.

1. Solar
2. ¡Bravo Imbecil
3. A. Baldwin
4. Veinte + 20 menos
5. Juan Perez (Una Tortura Semidisminuida)

1. Están Felices
2. Voltean

1. Todos Temen
2. Todos Odian
3. Quiral
4. Martina, Merlina y Dale Con Martín
5. Say Hola!
6. Czirros
7. Qúmulos
8. California Yisus
9. Juan Matón
10. Norte Y Bravo
11. Die Stunde Des Käses

1. Joliette - Picsa de Cotsco
2. Joliette - El Queso y la Mostaza
3. ZagaZaga - Pet Cemetery
4. ZagaZaga - Industrial Estate

1. II Yonzorno
2. Habano Billullo Kilimanyavo
3. Todos Odian
4. Dolor de Marinero en la Costa del Vesubio
5. Die Stunde des Kässes
6. Say Hola!

1. Joliette - Il Yonzorno.
2. Joliette - El Coronel y El Cardenal.
3. LYED - Dark Walls
4. LYED - The Middle Children

1. Life In Vacuum - Let Us Through
2. Life In Vacuum - Black Snow
3. Life In Vacuum - New Blood
4. Joliette - Serenata
5. Joliette - no es In A Gadda Da Vida

1. Verdadero Por Accidente
2. Tionkel
3. Henry Coyote
4. Vibraparrot
5. Las Arepas de mi Padre
6. Apáccico
7. Código

1. Joliette - Henry Coyote
2. Frameworks - The New Narcissistic American Dream
3. Frameworks - Marathon
4. Joliette - Tionkel

1. El Alphabiotista
2. Dolor de Marinero en la Costa del Vesubio