Monday, 17 June 2013

Make Do And Mend

Make Do And Mend are a four-piece post-hardcore/punk band from West Hartford, Connecticut, though are currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. They formed in 2006, and have been kicking ass ever since. They're best characterised by their blend of gruffness and melody. Vocalist James Carroll often sings in a harsh, strained voice (though he does incorporate a softer sound for softer parts), but the vocal melodies are often quite catchy and melodic, which makes for a pleasant dynamic. The guitars also follow this pattern. Though there are certainly exclusively gentle parts, most songs are full of thick rhythm chords carrying the bottom end while soaring, melodic, lead lines fill in the top end. I suppose you can see why they're often compared to Hot Water Music now, eh? Regardless of that, they've got a great thing going on of their own. They're pretty consistent with their songwriting, since they seem to continuously pump out great jams. I guess I don't need to say much else, a lot of you probably know them anyway. Though if you are starting out with them, Bodies Of Water and End Measured Mile are probably their two greatest works, or at least I think so.

FFO: Hot Water Music, Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, The Movielife

1. Bitter Work
2. Staring Problem
3. Interlewd
4. Viking Funeral
5. The Line
6. Insomniac Jams

1. Shambles
2. Winter Wasteland
3. Father
4. Our Own Ebb And Flow
5. No Words
6. TL

1. Touché Amoré - Smoke Signals
2. Touché Amoré - Hideaways
3. Make Do And Mend - Hand Me Downs
4. Make Do And Mend - Cobwebs

1. Unknowningly Strong
2. Oak Square
3. Ghostal (feat. Jordan Dreyer)
4. Transparent Seas
5. For A Dreamer
6. Stand Stagger
7. Keep This
8. Thanks
9. Firewater
10. Night's The Only Time Of Day

10. Coats

Full comp here

1. Unknowningly Strong
2. Ghostal
3. Home Away From Here (Touché Amoré cover)
4. Transparent Seas
5. Coats
6. Untitled

1. Blur
2. Disassemble
3. Count
4. St. Anne
5. Stay In The Sun
6. Royal
7. Drown In It
8. Lucky
9. Hide Away
10. Storrow
11. Desert Lily

1. Make Do And Mend - Don't
2. Make Do And Mend - Tell Me
3. The Flatliners - Calutron Girls
4. The Flatliners - Daggers

1. Don't Be Long
2. Ever Since
3. Bluff
4. Old Circles
5. Each Of Us
6. Sin Miedo
7. Sin Amor
8. All There Is
9. I Don't Wonder At All
10. Sanctimony
11. Begging For The Sun To Go Down