Tuesday, 25 June 2013


So, in the past month this blog has experienced a huge influx in views, which is probably a result of tripling the largest amount of posts I've done in a month. I've also had quite a few people send me e-mails saying thanks and whatnot, which is amazing to hear, and much appreciated. This blog has also seemed to attract some regulars, which is awesome, and really cool to see. Thank you to them, as well. I guess there a few things that I felt should probably be addressed, so here's my first update sort of thing.

First and foremost, Sophie's Floorboard has a new contributor, Martin. He's helped out with a few posts in the past, as you may have noticed, and now he'll be doing full posts as well. He's an awesome guy, so send him your love <3 I also just noticed he finished his first post, on Trash Talk, and it looks awesome. Thanks a bunch to him, and check it out. Having another contributor is great because I really want/feel Sophie's Floorboard should be a collaborative, communal place, which is really happening now, since it's expanding in terms of contributors and viewers. Not only that, but there's more communication between the two happening, and with all the requests happening now. It's as if the line is being blurred, which I am really happy about.

Speaking of requests, I have one request of my own. I've gotten quite a few requests lately, which as I mentioned am really glad about, but a few of them (most notably a few I got today) are for pretty big bands. They're still great bands that I love, and am sure many people on here love, but it kind of puts me in an uncomfortable position. For one, you can probably find those band's discographies elsewhere, such as The Pirate Bay. Perhaps they're not always as comprehensive as they tend to be on here, but there's still a ton of stuff out there. I do want to try and do every request that I get, regardless of anything, but in some cases that becomes a bit of a dilemma. Of course a label like Topshelf or whatever could use the money more than Universal or something, but I'm also not as afraid of sharing a smaller label's material for free. On The Pirate Bay or whatever, the uploaders are probably routed through a bunch of proxy's and they have that whole cloud storage thing or whatever. On here, it's just me, totally open, so if anybody feels the need to chase me down for copyright infringement or something, I'm fucked. Now, I know that's probably paranoid as hell, but it's still a concern of mine. Also, bigger bands don't really need the promotion, which ultimately is what this blog is about. It's a lot easier for someone to hear a smaller band on here, enjoy it, buy their stuff, go to their shows, and end up supporting them because of how much smaller the scene or whatever is. A band associated with Universal does not need the help of this little blog to get the word out about a band of theirs, and they certainly don't want their product given away. For that reason, I tend to gravitate towards lesser known, independent bands (though I will admit, a lot of the stuff on here is really well-known in terms of independent music or within certain genres). I will try to accommodate all requests, but ask that you think rationally about what requests you make. This only applies to requests, by the way, I will always, always, always, post submissions of your own that you have.

Finally, I got an e-mail a few days ago from a fellow named Fernando. He asked if I had Twitter, Tumblr, etc., which I don't. But it got me thinking. Expanding Sophie's Floorboard to other social media mediums would be really fun, and would allow more people to connect to the blog, since not everyone has a Google account or whatever Blogger uses. The feed on here for other blogs isn't great either, admittedly. So, using another platform for people to follow the blog on would be quite useful. I also have a bit more spare time on my hands now, which this project would be perfect to take up. Today I had nothing else to do, so I went ahead and created a bunch of them. This seems like one of those ideas that just feels so ridiculous to actually go ahead and do, but also satisfying in a way. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell some of these work (I'm not much of a social media freak), and haven't done much with them yet, but I'll get around to it. I don't even really know what I'm going to do with them, but we'll figure it out as we go. So, here's all the links if you want to add or check them out. I'll probably throw them in another contact bar or something as well. If you're still reading all this shit, thanks for reading the block of text, and for checking out this blog.

- Kevin

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