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Lemon Demon

Lemon Demon are a five-piece rock band from Kingston, Massachusetts that started in 2003. Most of all the recorded tracks are only front man Neil Cicierega (who is also the creator of Potter Puppet Pals), but on live acts and certain recordings, he is accompanied by guitarists Charles "Chooch" Sergio and Dave Kitsberg, bassist Alora Lazilotta. and drummer Gregory Lazilotta, while Neil does keyboards and vocals. Lemon Demon has a very interesting sound and style that changes with just about every album. I'd give some bands that are similar, but when they develop a new sound with every recording, it's hard to give you some similar artists. They've always had a very electronic/alternative sound, so I guess if you're into alternative, indie, electronic, rock, and the like, then Lemon Demon may be a band for you.
They gained a huge amount of recognition with the release of their song The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny (from the album Dinosaurchestra). They then received even more with the release of BRODYQUEST. Other than those songs and some other fairly popular ones (Geeks In Love, 123456 Pokemon, Word Disassociation, I've Got Some Falling To Do, etc.), Lemon Demon doesn't get as recognized as they should (in my opinion).
They've been one of my favorite bands since fourth grade, and while many people fail to appreciate their work as much as I do, there's still a select few out there who love them too. Hopefully, some of you will be among the few.

Kinda pulling this outta my ass, but:
FFO: I Fight Dragons, Yip Deceiver, Anamanaguchi, The Brood Needs Food, They Might Be Giants, The Flaming Lips, CAKE, Hello Ninja, The Front Bottoms, etc.

I recommend you get anything everything from Hip To The Javabean  to I Am Become Christmas EP. The first two albums weren't too great (although I do like some songs on LftHCS), and the last two singles were joke-y songs.

Clown Circus (2003)
1. Error
2. Lemon Demon
3. Ten Thousand Light Years Away
4. Don't Be Like The Sun
5. Bowling Alley
6. Wrong
7. Hazel's Modus Operandi
8. Idiot Control Now
9. Pepper And Salt
10. Holy Bison Beaks!
11. Somnolence
12. Fire Motif
13. Hyakugojyuuichi 2003
14. Elsewhere

Live From The Haunted Candle Shop (2003)
1. Hydroelectric Viking
2. The Saga Of You, Confused Destroyer Of Planets
3. Mr. Wolfgang
4. Boats
5. Destructo!
6. Fiberglass Monkey
7. Fly Straight Or Drop The Oar And Wreck
8. Oz Explodes
9. Booja Jabooja
10. Dance Like An Idiot
11. Chu Chu Rocket
12. Switzerland
13. Party On The Moon
14. Without My Tonsils
15. Birdhouse In Your Soul
16. Mold En Mano
17. Movie Night

Hip To The Javabean (2004)
1. What's In The Toaster
2. Sunbeam Light Show Flower Seed
3. Musical Chairs
4. Atomic Copper Claw
5. Your Evil Shadow Has A Cup Of Tea
6. Telekinesis
7. Matches And Nails
8. Relativity
9. Fancy Pants Manifesto
10. Go To Hollywood
11. I Know Your Name
12. Consumer Whore
13. Between You And Me
14. I've Got Some Falling To Do
15. Sick Puppy
Bonus Tracks
1. Almond
2. Bad Idea
3. Behold The FUTURE
4. Not Applicable
5. Roman Robot Statues
6. Run, Harry, Run!
7. Take A Picture
8. There's A Robot In My Head

Damn Skippy (2005)
1. Dead Sea Monkeys
2. Sky Is Not Blue
3. Pumpkin Pie
4. When Robots Attack
5. Geeks In Love
6. New Way Out
7. What Will Happen Will Happen
8. Kitten Is Angry
9. The Ceiling
10. Subtle Oddities
11. Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness
12. Flamingo Legs
13. Ode To Crayola
14. Rainwater
15. Smell Like A Cookie All Day
16. Dizziful Bliss
17. Word Disassociation
Bonus Tracks
1. Bicycle Race (Queen cover)
2. Fuzzy (The Incredible Moses Leroy cover)
3. March Of The Living Figments
4. Mothers All Over The World
5. Mr. Porta-Potty Man
6. Musical Chairs (Alternate Version)
7. Pirate In A Box
8. Subtle Oddities (Cheesy Synth Mix)

Dinosaurchestra (2006)
1. Dinosaurchestra Part One
2. Action Movie Hero Boy
3. Fine
4. Lawnmower
5. Stuck
6. The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
7. Vow Of Silence
8. Neverending Hum
9. Dinosaurchestra Part Two
10. Imaginary Friend
11. Archaeopteryx
12. Eyewishes
13. Bystanders
14. Indie Cindy & The Lo-Fi Lullabies
15. Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew
16. This Hyper World
17. Deep In The Ocean
18. Dinosaurchestra Part Three
19. The Too Much Song
Bonus Tracks
1. White Bread Boyfriend
2. Funniest
3. Birthday (Alligators And Pretzel Makers)
4. Chip's Challenge chip01 midi remix
5. It Can Get Lonely In My Mansion
6. Samuel And Rosella
7. Bill Watterson
8. Space Mission Alpha
9. Being Alone On Valentine's Day
10. Stick Stickly
11. Abraham Lincoln's Head
12. The Next Dimension
13. Princess Unicorn Bunny Kitten Angel
14. The Ultimate Showdown (Aaron Ackerson Remix)
15. The Ultimate Showdown (>SaTIst< Remix)
16. The Ultimate Showdown (R-Forrest Remix)

1. Party On The Moon
2. Indie Cindy & The Lo-Fi Lullabies
3. Kitten Is Angry
4. Sunbeam Light Show Flower Seed
5. Consumer Whore
6. Subtle Oddities
7. Stick Stickly
8. Dance Like An Idiot
9. Pumpkin Pie
10. Ode To Crayola
11. Action Movie Hero Boy
12. The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
13. Charles And Leah Forever
14. Geeks In Love
15. Samuel And Rosella
16. White Bread Boyfriend
17. Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew

Elvis Porn (2006)
1. Elvis Porn

1. Stick Stickly
2. Fine
3. White Bread Boyfriend
4. Marketland
5. Your Imaginary Friend
6. Ode To Crayola
7. Bill Nye The Science Guy
8. Word Disassociation
9. Elvis Porn
10. Action Movie Hero Boy
11. Pumpkin Pie
12. Killer Tofu
13. The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
14. The Mysterious Ticking Noise
15. Indie Cindy & The Lo-Fi Lullabies
16. Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew
17. Stick Stickly
18. Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness
19. I've Got Some Falling To Do
20. Mr. Porta-Potty Man
21. Switzerland
22. Pokemon

View-Monster (2008)
1. Kaleidoskull
3. Amnesia Was Her Name
5. The Man In Stripes And Glasses
7. Marketland
9. Gadzooks
11.  Knife Fight
13. The Only House That's Not On Fire (Yet)
15. The Ocean
17. The Afternoon
19. Spring Heeled Jack
21. Being A Rock Star
23. Ask For Nothing
25. The Satirist's Love Song
27. The Machine
29. Bill Watterson
31. Something Glowing
(Note: I tracked it like this because on the CD, the even tracks are filler songs, making the whole album one big song. Although I do own the CD, I have the iTunes version on my computer. I'll upload the CD version as well when I get it on my computer.)
Bonus Tracks
1. 320x320
2. Ben Bernanke
3. Drinky-Bird
4. Everyday French
5. Gadzooks (Original Version)
6. Hip Hop Cherry Pop
7. Modify
8. Nightmare Fuel
9. Strangelet
10. Sundial
11. Super Hey Ya (OutKast Remix)
12. Today's Secret Word
13. Treasure Map
14. The Wiggles Hate Each Other In Real Life
15. You Got A Toothache
16. creepy

Almanac 2009
1. The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny (2009 Version)
4. Eighth Wonder
5. 123456 Pokemon
6. Toy Food
14. This Is Youmacon
(Note: I tracked it like this because this was a compilation of songs they did on previous albums and some new songs. The songs in the .zip folder are the songs exclusive to this album.)

1. Redesign Your Logo


Live (Only Not) (2011)
1. Fine
2. Bill Watterson
3. Stick Stickly
4. Ode To Crayola
5. I've Got Some Falling To Do
6. Spring Heeled Jack
7. The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
(Note: These are re-recorded versions of the songs that feature all 5 members of the band)

Goosebumps (2011)
1. Goosebumps

Really Cool Wig (2011)
1. Really Cool Wig

Money Dollar Bills (2012)
1. Money Dollar Bills

Reaganomics (2012)
1. Reaganomics

A Mask Of My Own Face (2012)
1. A Mask Of My Own Face

1. Intro
2. The Ocean
3. A Mask Of My Own Face
4. Cabinet Man
5. Goosebumps
6. Really Cool Wig
7. 123456 Pokemon/654321 Digimon
8. Redesign Your Logo
9. As Your Father I Expressly Forbid It
10. Ancient Aliens
11. Toy Food
13. Reaganomics
14. The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
WATCH the live performance here!

I Am Become Christmas EP
1. Prelude To Presents
2. Christmas Will Be Soon
3. Aurora Borealis
4. SAD
5. CryptoSanta

My Trains (2013)
1. My Trains


  1. Are you gonna upload Spirit Phone at some point?

    1. You can get it, plus 13 bonus tracks, right here!: For just 10 bucks! It's a steal of deal, plus it helps Neil make more music!

  2. You're an angel!! thx i looked for these for long time...not anymore... do you happen to have "I Am Become Christmas" album and never uploaded yet? thx again

    1. 4 bucks, more like 4 schumcks! Support the artist, or he won't make anymore music, ya goof!