Saturday, 8 June 2013

Balance And Composure

So I just realized that I mentioned these guys in the last four posts I've done, and was shocked when I realized I didn't have a post on them already, so here we go.

Balance And Composure are a five-piece post-hardcore band from Doylestown, Pennsylvania that formed in 2007. A couple of them played in a band called The Erection Kids (who were very pop punk-oriented), and a few other bands. After they disbanded, B&C were formed. They took influence from bands such as Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, and Texas Is The Reason, as well as Nirvana, Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker, American Football, Small Brown Bike, The Appleseed Cast, and Neutral Milk Hotel (name dropping errywhere). These guys are brilliant at what they do, seamlessly integrating catharsis, melody, grit, gentle noodling arpeggios and crushing, distorted walls of chords. They fuse so many things into their perfect dynamic, and they're so effective because of it. These guys are probably one of my favourite bands around now, and they've got a new full-length coming out this year which I'm really stoked on. They're also really tight live, so check them out.

1. I Just Want To Be Pure
2. Weak Man, Weak Boy
3. Alone For Now
4. Waiting, Thinking, Giving Up
5. Pull Of The Ground
6. Chapter 20

10. Weak Man, Weak Boy (Christmas Version)

1. I Can't Do This Alone
2. Only Boundaries
3. Show Your Face
4. What's Wrong With Everything

1. Balance And Composure - Kaleidoscope
2. Balance And Composure - Burden
3. Balance And Composure - Twenty Four
4. Balance And Composure - Rope
5. Tigers Jaw - Lodging
6. Tigers Jaw - Jet Alone
7. Tigers Jaw - Danielson
8. Tigers Jaw - Dent

7. Away In A Manger

1. Void
2. Separation
3. Quake
4. Stonehands
5. I Tore You Apart In My Head
6. Galena
7. Fade
8. Progress, Progress
9. More To Me
10. Echo
11. Patience
12. Defeat The Low

2. Seahorses

1. Separation
2. Stonehands
3. More To Me

1. Braid - Lux
2. Braid - Many Enemies
3. Balance And Composure - You Can't Fix Me
4. Balance And Composure - Say

1. Parachutes
2. Lost Your Name
3. Back Of Your Head
4. Tiny Raindrop
5. Notice Me
6. Ella
7. Cut Me Open
8. Reflection
9. I'm Swimming
10. When I Come Undone
11. Dirty Head
12. Keepsake
13. Enemy

15. Why Do You Leave Us

Note: Full comp here

1. Tiny Raindrop B-Side (Stripped down version)

1. Midnight Zone
2. Spinning
3. Afterparty
4. For A Walk
5. Mediocre Love
6. Postcard
7. Call It Losing Touch
8. Fame
9. Is It So Much To Adore
10. Loam


  1. what's the password for the download?

  2. Check out Merit

  3. Yo "The Things..." isn't working :/

  4. things we think isnt working

  5. Sorry for the wait, "The Things We Think We're Missing" is now working again

  6. This blog is really amazing, I always find great downloads here! Keep going guys!
    Greatings from Brazil ;)

  7. can you upload their new album "Light We Made"?

  8. If anyone can rip the Postcard 7", that would be amazing, looking to download revalation. If you havent heard it, here is the link.

    its the best quality i can find.

    1. Duuuude I can't find it anywhere either. Anyone know where to find revelation or run from me?


  9. Slowheart - EP
    Revelation, released from B&C

  10. Thanks from Sardinia! Grazie infinite