Friday, 28 June 2013

Warren Of Ohms

Band submission. Warren of Ohms is a screamo band from Arizona that mainly consists of one member, Sammy Gurule. The debut EP was released quite recently, and features some impressive technical guitar work similar to that of Hot Cross, and some sinister, hoarse vocals which stylistically shift quite a bit, but sound great all around. The EP is quite consistent in terms of sound, though the last two songs (especially the last one) do get quite experimental with other ideas, and it certainly works for the better. Check this stuff out if you're into the bands mentioned below, this is quite good, and I'm definitely enjoying it.

FFO: Hot Cross, We Were Skeletons, Sed Non Satiata, Loma Prieta, Comadre 

1. Eleanor Sends His Regards
2. OCD
3. Prognosis For My Long-Term Survival
4. Argente des Laches
5. Hearts of Concord
6. False Implication, Silent Approval
7. Frequency
8. I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe

1. Introduction
2. Human, All Too Human
3. God's Lonely Man
4. In The Desert
5. Endeavor To Preserve
6. Mad Prophet of The Airwaves
7. Tiny Flowing Currents, Immediate And Forever
8. The Wolf And The Fox
9. Sentient Metamorphosis

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